Better Late Than Randy: Sweet Fantasy Party Recap From SCAE 2011

Editors Note: Randall H. Bodom is’s party correspondent and HunkShot™ curator. In light of recent events surrounding Mr. Bodom’s conduct during SCAE 2011, including this particular post being filed several weeks past deadline, has placed Randy on paid administrative leave. We wish him luck with drying out and look forward to working with him again real soon. Check out the official Sweet Fantasy video below, and read on for Randy’s recap.


HIIIIIIIIIIII! Randy here. OH MY GOD, I’m exhausted! I just drew the shades from my rented flat and ugh! The moon is so bright! Oh, wait. It’s 3:30PM. Where am I? Brussels???? Where did all these Euros come from? Sigh. Anyhoozle, I’m flipping through my snaps from last night (or was it a couple of nights ago?), and here’s a few of the best paparazzi snapshots from Natvia’s Sweet Fantasy Party:

The one thing this party had the most of: lots of booze. It was a Drambuie bonanza. Randy loves it. What’s the other thing this party had lots of?

Hunks. Hello, bartender! What’s your name?

YIKES, it’s a lion! I literally screamed.

Listen, sexy, I paid a lot of money for those knock-offs, so give me my sunglasses back!


Look at these cutie pies. I just love all that stubble.  Maybe you boys want to come to Vegas some time and work for Randy? You’ll make more money in a weekend than you can even DREAM…I’m just sayin’…

Well, those are my faves! I have NO clue how I’m supposed to get back home, but I’m sure I can hit up Sprudge for some more “travel expenses”. I’ll take a slow boat if I have to. LIFE IS HARD SOMETIMES! Wish me luck! You can check out all the rest of the clickity clicks by pointing your little mousy right here. SEE YA!

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