Sweet Spot Party Boston: Beantown Gets Bodom’d


Randal H. Bodom is our international party circuit correspondent, with a long, wild history of covering Natvia events. Hi gang, it’s me again, your old pal Randy Bodom, and I’m positively wiggling with excitement over this brand new party announcement for USBC Boston. The folks at Natvia go all out, and these parties have a […]

Better Late Than Randy: Sweet Fantasy Party Recap From SCAE 2011


Editors Note: Randall H. Bodom is Sprudge.com’s party correspondent and HunkShot™ curator. In light of recent events surrounding Mr. Bodom’s conduct during SCAE 2011, including this particular post being filed several weeks past deadline, Sprudge.com has placed Randy on paid administrative leave. We wish him luck with drying out and look forward to working with […]

#WBC2011: HunkShots™ With Randy


Hiiiiiiiiiiii. It’s me, Randal H. Bodom, coming at you from the caliente capitol of Colombia, the one and only Bogota. Say it in a whisper. Bogota. Sends shivers right down my spine! You know what else makes me shiver? The muy guapo bumpercrop of hunks Gettin’ It Done here at the WBC. Good thing I’m […]

HunkShot: Hunk #1 At #WBC2011


Scandinavian short-shorts! Those gams! Wait, what competitor is up? Does it matter? Oh! Hey! It’s me! Randy Bodom! I’m here at the WBC reporting on the hunks of Bogota, and let me tell you, it’s not an easy job. Oh, wait, yes it is. The WBC is a regular HUNKFEST. – RB

Sweet Fantasy Party in Maastricht


Randal H. Bodom is Sprudge.com’s newest contributor. He’ll be covering the International Coffee Party scene for us in 2011. The first soiree to catch his eye? “Sweet Fantasy”, the coffee party of summer. It takes place on June 24th, 2011, as part of the SCAE 2011 event in Maastricht. Hi guys, this is Randy, reporting […]