Randy Bodum’s Natvia Party Night Terror Flashback


Sprudge Fantasy Party Correspondent Randy Bodum has gone missing. We haven't heard from Mr. Bodum in over six months. He continues to evade our e-mails, phone inquiries, and Facebook chats - all forms of contact, really. That is, until late last week, when Randy called in to the Sprudge Hotline (567-CRINKLY) from a Shakey's Pizza location in the … [Read more...]

Randy Bodum Warms To Natvia’s Carnivale (May 26th)


Don't look at me, I'm hideous. I'm in the midst of my third layover en route to Melbourne, Australia, where I've been sent by Sprudge.com to attend the hottest coffee party in the world: Natvia's Sweet Fantasy Carnivale, happening Sunday, May 26th. Thankfully, my wage slave editors at Sprudge gave me a little wiggle room in the budget this time, so … [Read more...]

Sweet Spot Party Boston: Beantown Gets Bodom’d


Randal H. Bodom is our international party circuit correspondent, with a long, wild history of covering Natvia events. Hi gang, it's me again, your old pal Randy Bodom, and I'm positively wiggling with excitement over this brand new party announcement for USBC Boston. The folks at Natvia go all out, and these parties have a tendency to get a … [Read more...]

Seoul To Squeeze: Randall H. Bodom At Natvia’s Latte-High Soiree


Hi gang, it's me again, Randy Bodom, writing to you tonight from somewhere over the big blue Pacific. For the last few years I've been pitching in on Sprudge.com's wild and reviled international party coverage, sometimes going off the deep end in the process. So far I've taken you on a wild ride to parties in Maastricht, Vienna, and Bogota, and … [Read more...]

Sweet Fantasy 2012: Memoirs Of An Imperfect Randy


Against better judgment and all decency, our special correspondent Randy Bodom was yet-again budgeted in to bring his unique style of coverage to our recap of Natvia's "Sweet Fantasy" WBC after-party. Last year's financing purchased us this howling dispatch from Sweet Fantasy Maastricht, a document soaked in Drambuie and shame. Will Randy's expense … [Read more...]

SM2V 2012 Winners: Randy Handles All Four


Well, the vote is over, and Sprudge.com special correspondent Randall Bodum has the scoop on the winners of Natvia's Send Me To Vienna contest... The big strong top winners for Natvia's Send Me To Vienna 2012 are in like Momotaro denim. This coffee competition social media event features a grand prize booty bump of an all-expense-paid vacation … [Read more...]

WBC Party Preview: Randall Bodum’s On Top


Good morning, readers of the world, wherever you are. My name's Randall Bodum, and I am brimming with enthusiasm over all the Vienna 2012 party coverage we've got planned for you next month. You no doubt remember my by-line from such other Sprudge party features as "Better Late Than Randy: Sweet Fantasy Party Recap From The 2011 SCAE" and "Report … [Read more...]

Better Late Than Randy: Sweet Fantasy Party Recap From SCAE 2011


Editors Note: Randall H. Bodom is Sprudge.com's party correspondent and HunkShot™ curator. In light of recent events surrounding Mr. Bodom's conduct during SCAE 2011, including this particular post being filed several weeks past deadline, Sprudge.com has placed Randy on paid administrative leave. We wish him luck with drying out and look forward to … [Read more...]

Report From Bogota: Randal H. Bodom, Lost In The K-Cup K-Hole…


Ooof, what time is it? Did they announce the big winner yet? Wait, what DAY is it, and where IS everybody? Ugh, this weekend was a real doozy. Hiiiiiiiiii! Randy here, dusting off the debris from last night's all-nighter here in Bogota...or was it the night before? I completely lost track of time down here. I mean, I guess that's what happens … [Read more...]

#WBC2011: HunkShots™ With Randy


Hiiiiiiiiiiii. It's me, Randal H. Bodom, coming at you from the caliente capitol of Colombia, the one and only Bogota. Say it in a whisper. Bogota. Sends shivers right down my spine! You know what else makes me shiver? The muy guapo bumpercrop of hunks Gettin' It Done here at the WBC. Good thing I'm your exclusive correspondent for all things "los … [Read more...]