Open Call For Submissions: Feel Good Drinks Of Fall


In the northern hemisphere, summer is officially over, which means it's time for all sorts of fancy fall coffee drinks to start popping up in cafes. The media's attention seems stuck on the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and that's fine. Who doesn't order at least one PSL to ring in the season? But we here at Sprudge want to hear about innovation! We want … [Read more...]

Is The Puppuccino The Newest Coffee Craze? These Dogs Say Yes.


While we celebrate National Dog Week in America, the real action is going down in Australia. Do you know why this puppy is lickin' its chops, with a satiated and contented expression on its little poochy face? Know why its little paw paws are muffin topping out of its once loose-fitting tee? Probably because it just snarfed up a big … [Read more...]

Quiz: American Fall TV Pilot Or Australian Cafe?

Outside of Bunker in Brisbane with Rachel and Ross from the pilot of Friends.

Pop quiz, hot shot. Is "Bunker" an action-filled suspense drama about a rogue group of counter-terrorists or is it an adorable coffee bar in Brisbane? (It's a bar in Brisbane.) Is "Feed Me" a single-camera NBC comedy about a dysfunctional family or a walk-up cafe and toast bar in Melbourne's CBD? (It's a comedy.) We double-dog dare you to … [Read more...]

President Obama’s Latte Salute: Small Beans Or Inexcusable Gaffe-iccino?


It's been a rough week for the tea-drinking President of the United States. The Noble peace prize winning Commander In Chief is dropping bombs on Syria and saluting marines with coffee cup in hand, can you believe it? Saluting with anything in your hand is a no-no, say some. Others are asking "what's the beef", like … [Read more...]

Blue Bottle Opens A Futuristic LA Bar in Venice Beach


Blue Bottle officially opens their first Los Angeles expansion today, on the bright and bustling Abbot Kinney boulevard in Venice Beach, where it will vie for coffee-drinking mouth share alongside folks like Intelligentsia and Tom's Shoes. The new location is 660-square-foot walk-up space, similar to the company's iconic Hayes Valley alley … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Jiggle Hut 2 In Twin Falls, Idaho


Carl Mundy is one of the longest-tenured contributors to, where his first byline was published on January 6th, 2010. In the years since he's served this publication as a cultural ombudsman, new product defender, brand investigator, and holiday list-maker. He's poked fun at as the likes of Todd Carmichael and Mark Prince, spoke with … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Collective Coffee In Charleston

Build out Collective Downtown 17

Today’s the last day for our 2014 Build Outs Of Summer series, and we have another one for you, coming in at the eleventh-and-a-half hour. Collective Coffee has expanded to a new location in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. They're serving Intelligentsia coffees and Kilogram Teas, alongside guest roasters like Mountain Air from North Carolina … [Read more...]

Builds Outs Of Summer: Alderaan Coffee In Milwaukee

Build Out Alderaan Coffee Milwaukee 06

Today's the last day for our 2014 Build Outs Of Summer series, and this feature came in right at the wire! It appears that the fine coffee city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is getting a shiny new coffee bar in the form of Alderaan Coffee, founded by the team behind New York City's Upright Coffee. Expect a multi-roaster format focusing on Wisconsin … [Read more...]

Seattle: Try Australian Coffees With La Marzocco & Sprudge…For Free!


Seattle! Oh fair city, with considerable aesthetic advantage over all those other population centers, we know that you know a thing or two about coffee. But what you don't get often--indeed, what nobody in North America gets--is a chance to cup coffees and revel in brand packaging from a plethora of Australian specialty roasters. This is … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Bird Rock Coffee Roasters In San Diego

BRCR View from Entry 080514

As we wind down the final day of summer 2014, we find ourselves immersed in the beachy coffee scene down in San Diego. Back in July we featured San Diego in our Build Outs of Summer series, highlighting the plucky mobile coffee service happening at Coffee Cycle. Today let's check out a bit of a bigger operation: Bird Rock Coffee are expanding out … [Read more...]

Fit Outs Of Winter: Rumble Coffee Roasters In Melbourne

Fit Out Of Winter Rumble 04

Whoa! Today is the last day of our Build Outs of Summer series for 2014. It's been quite a globe-trot up to this point, offering cafes from all over the world (but especially Florida!) the opportunity to be featured on Sprudge in their early days, just before opening. But while the title suggests otherwise, Build Outs of Summer is not in any way … [Read more...]

Shock Poll! Is Yelp Good For Coffee Shops?


As restaurants wage war against Yelp, we want to know: Is Yelp good for coffee shops? Does Yelp help you find the best cafes in a city? As a cafe owner, does it help you stay informed on consumer interest? Are you fed up with the negative reviews because a cafe has too many "hipsters"? We want to hear from you. We want to find out if you … [Read more...]

Watch This Hunky British Guy Make Coffee Caviar


"Pearled coffee" is the name of an experimental product from the folks at Counter Roastery in London. It is four-times concentrated coffee dropped into a calcium lactate solution creating little jelly balls of coffee. Counter Roastery floats these balls in a shot of milk for a playful "boba tea" like drink. This isn't the first time we've … [Read more...]

Huge Tracts Of Cash Allocated For “Coffee Masters” At London Coffee Festival


Breaking this morning via Thames wire, the team behind the annual London Coffee Festival has developed a new and exciting coffee competition being staged at the 2015 edition of this event. Dubbed "Coffee Masters", this competition replaces the United Kingdom Barista Championship at London Coffee Fest, as the 2015 UKBC will being staged earlier in … [Read more...]

Tonx For The Memories: We Talk Blue Bottle At Home With Tony Konecny And Ryan Brown

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.57.06 AM

Tonx, the Los Angeles-based subscription coffee service acquired by Blue Bottle Coffee last April, has been relaunched today as Blue Bottle At Home. "Tonx is now part of Blue Bottle," the redirect banner reads. "Same cool stuff, bigger team, exciting new features." Tonx has been doing the "coffee startup" thing since before it was cool, … [Read more...]