BREAKING: 2015 Big Eastern Barista Competition Dates & Location Announced

Photo via Durham.

Dates and location information for the 2015 Big Eastern Regional Barista Competition have been officially confirmed by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. The event will take place in Durham, North Carolina at the Durham Convention Center November 21st through 23rd. That’s less than three months from now, so if you’re planning on competing … [Read more...]

Slingshot Coffee Wants You To Enjoy The Weekend

Jonathan and Jenny Bonchak, owners of Slingshot Coffee

Slingshot Coffee Co, a bottled cold brew business we profiled in 2012, has found substantial success in this rapidly expanding segment of quality coffee consumption. The company, based in Raleigh/Durham, have recently rolled out a new project this month for the Saturday/Sunday crowd. It's called "WEEKEND", and it's a coffee bar/outdoor space in at … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: deVille Coffee, Calgary, Now Open


We're in the last, sweaty gasps of our Build Outs of Summer series...and what a summer it has been! We've explored build outs in cities like Philadelphia, Sitka, Haddon Township, and Mashpee, just to name a few! As the air begins to pick up that crisp Canadian chill, it's only natural that we turn our sights to our neighbours to the north, … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: East Bay Coffee Company, Pinole, California

East Bay Coffee Company Build Outs Of Summer 11

In the bubbling, constant conversation over Bay Area coffee, the question of saturation often comes up. When, you might ask, will there be too many coffee shops in this part of the world? Well, if there's one thing that may never hit a saturation point around here, it's non-profit, event-driven community spaces fostering both artistic expression … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Spearhead Coffee In Paso Robles, California

Spearhead Coffee Paso Robles CA

While we're quite sure that turning California into 6 different states is a terrible idea--the product of #viral thinking turning into some kind of actual mental virus--we're equally sure that the progression of specialty coffee in the Golden State will leave no stone unturned. Enter Paso Robles, a town in SoCal with a well-deserved reputation for … [Read more...]

Coffee Supreme x I Love Ugly Launch An Apron That’s Anything But

Coffee Supreme I Love Ugly Apron-IMG_1901

Recently in these pages we've shed a lot of pixels talking about the ongoing, highly fascinating crossover happening between the coffee and culinary worlds. But another avenue of interaction between speciality coffee and the outside world remains largely unexplored: the merging of coffee and contemporary fashion. We know of a few examples out of … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: A Second Shop For Modern Coffee In Oakland

Build Outs of Summer Modern Coffee 001

As the heat rolls on in the Northern Hemisphere, so too does our annual summer compendium of the latest and greatest in new coffee spaces around the world, in a little feature series we like to call the Build Outs of Summer. So far we've profiled a monster movie Airstream trailer in Minneapolis, a high-end donut complex in Asheville, NC, a … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Dispatch Coffee In Montreal

Build Outs Of Summer Dispatch Coffee 000

Those who know coffee in Montreal—and maybe Brooklyn—have had the Dispatch Coffee truck on their radar for the last couple of years. Founding barista Chrissy Durcak has led the Dispatchmobile, serving quality espresso and treats through Montreal, tapping noted roasters like Phil and Sebastian of Calgary and Brooklyn mini-roaster Parlor … [Read more...]

The World’s Best Cooks (And Sprudge) Will Be At MAD Symposium In Copenhagen

mad food 4

In just one week, the leaders of the progressive food world will descend on the city of Copenhagen for the fourth installment of MAD Symposium, hosted by the MAD Food group, "a community of chefs, cooks and farmers with an appetite for knowledge." This year's event is co-curated by Alex Atala, of the award-winning D.O.M. restaurant in São Paolo. … [Read more...]

Starbucks Makes Barista History, Bans The Dreaded Clopen Shift


The New York Times reports that Starbucks Coffee will change its scheduling policies, effectively putting an end to the "clopen shift" for their partners forever. This means no more 10PM closing shifts followed by a 4AM opening shift, a familiar scenario for baristas and service employees colloquially known here in the United States as a "clopen" … [Read more...]

Builds Outs Of Summer: A Newly Expanded Buddy Brew Coffee in Tampa, Florida

Build Outs Of Summer Buddy Brew 008

The unexpected winner of our 2014 edition of Build Outs of Summer is the great American state of Florida, which has been featured twice so far in write-ups on Bold Bean Coffee and Brew Five Points, both located in Jacksonville. Often maligned, frequently the butt of jokes, Florida is a crazy mish-mash of cultures and traditions and theme parks that … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Odradek’s Bar In Brooklyn, New York

Odradeks Bar 004

It's new American breakfast, it's British brunch, it's German vegan. It's in Midwood! It's Odradek's Bar! Our build outs of summer series continues with high-end coffee and slushies, soon arriving in Midwood, Brooklyn. Midwood—or Flatbush, as this larger section of Brooklyn that overlaps it may be called—might not be the first spot on your … [Read more...]

Recipe: This Refreshing Summer Drink Pairs Iced Coffee With Aguas Frescas


Compañía de Café is a forward-thinking new cafe concept in Los Angeles with LA coffee veteran Percy Ramirez helming the coffee program. Ramirez is bringing all sorts of fascinating new ideas to the endeavour, which you can read about in-depth in our interview here. Some of his best ideas have to do with the inventive iced coffee drinks on the … [Read more...]

The Shocking Secret Behind Lay’s Cappuccino-Flavored Potato Chips


Here's a secret that might shock you! Andrea "Otter" Otte of Wormhole Coffee in Chicago is responsible for the beautiful pour found on every bag of Lay's Cappuccino Flavor Potato Snack. Wormhole Coffee revealed the news in a Facebook post late yesterday. The snack has become a viral sensation on Instagram and Twitter, eliciting universal … [Read more...]

5 Coffee Commercials That Prove Lauren Bacall Is The Classiest Spokesperson Ever


The Golden Era Hollywood star Lauren Bacall passed away this week at the age of 89. Her career spanned seven decades with defining roles like Vivian Rutledge in The Big Sleep, working alongside legends like Humphrey Bogart, James Stewart, and Henry Fonda. Thanks to the powers of the Internet, we're able to commemorate her lesser known work as … [Read more...]

The Coffee Uncut Podcast Returns With A Look At The TED Conference


Whoa, it’s time for Episode 12 of Coffee Uncut, an original podcast series hosted by Alexandra Littlejohn. In this latest installment, Alex talks all things TED coffee with Nik Virrey and Brandon Paul Weaver (Slate Coffee, Matte & Gloss), as well as Alex Negranza (An Evening With LLC). Store it on your phone, listen to it on the go, and … [Read more...]