Inside Intelligentsia’s Extraordinary Coffee Workshop In Ethiopia

sprudge coffee ecw intelligenstia

This is the story of how our friends & partners at Intelligentsia Coffee brought dozens of the world's best coffee producers to Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee.  Back in October 2011, we were invited along with a few other journalists and observers to take part in Intelligentsia Coffee's Extraordinary Coffee Workshop in Los Angeles. The … [Read more...]

5 Good Coffee Companies That Also Do Good


From time to time as we report on cafes around the world, we also get to tell feel-good stories of human kindness, redemption, and community. In fact, we get to tell stories like that on a pretty regular clip; the overlap between the goodness of humanity and global coffee culture is all around you, if you know where to look. Here's five examples of … [Read more...]

Coffee-Forward Media Honored With James Beard Award Nominations


The Books, Broadcast & Journalism Awards nominations for the 2015 James Beard Awards were announced at the James Beard House in New York City today. Among them, three coffee-forward folks were honored. Grant Lee Crilly, Chris Young, and Kristina Krug of ChefSteps were nominated in the "Video Webcast, Fixed Location and/or Instructional" … [Read more...]

First Look At The New La Marzocco Linea Mini

Linea Mini Front Back

Home espresso enthusiasts, hold on to your butts. After three years of engineering efforts and two years of development, our friends and partners at La Marzocco are unveiling their newest product: The La Marzocco Linea Mini. The Linea Mini, like the name suggests, is a miniature version of the legendary Linea Classic—a machine that, over the … [Read more...]

Splurty Rises From The Ashes As The New Marco SP9

splurty sp9 faze9 marco

There is a new single-cup brewer getting ready to hit the market from our friends and partners at Marco Beverage Systems. We covered its mighty debut back in 2013 at HOST Milan, which is like a biannual E3 of coffee technologies, at which point the project was called the Splurty. This plucky little so-and-so wound up stealing the show, capturing … [Read more...]

Seattle To Host Star-Studded 2015 World AeroPress Championship Event


Anticipation for the 2015 World AeroPress Championship circuit has reached a fever pitch, as new national champions are crowned every day in coffee-loving nations all across the planet. Today is the moment fans of this circuit have been waiting for, as we can finally announce details for the 2015 World AeroPress Championship event! The 2015 WAC … [Read more...]

Urnex Unveils “Global Barista Champion Ambassadors” Selections


It's barista competition season, and our friends and partners at Urnex have been busy working behind the scenes to support competition culture as it happens around the world. The cleaning products brand—family-owned and based in New York State since 1936—signed on earlier this year as major supporters of Sprudge's international barista competition … [Read more...]

Hans Kristian Andersen Wins The Danish AeroPress Championship

aerorpess danish 2015 winners

Congratulations to Hans Kristian Andersen of CPH Coffee Lab, your 2015 Danish AeroPress Champion! On February 22nd, Andersen competed with fifteen others at the Coffee Collective, the host sponsor of the nation's event. Andersen now moves on to compete in April at the World AeroPress Championship (WAC), taking place during the SCAA Event in … [Read more...]

We Went There: Grumpy Cat At Caffé Medici For SXSW

sleeping grumpy cat with bacon

The Internet developed sentience over the past weekend, becoming a living, breathing thing, and swallowed whole a downtown Austin coffee shop. The body incarnate of the blips and boops manifested itself in the form of Grumpy Cat—the most famous iteration of the most popular thing in the URLz—and five of her internet feline friends taking over the … [Read more...]

10 Australian Cafes With Bodacious Design

filter coffee melbourne-7234

Australia is home to some of the most striking, iconic cafe design in the world, as we've profiled over the years on Sprudge. But whose design is the most intrepid, adventuresome, dauntless and downright bodacious? Take a look at ten of our very favorites. The Kettle Black In Melbourne From The Kettle Black In Melbourne: Where Fine Dining Meets … [Read more...]

Cherry: A Global Coffee Happening In Calgary From Phil & Sebastian


We love coffee events! Indeed, we love them so much that we cover all manner of coffee events as they happen, all around the planet, often in exhausting detail. But what if there was a coffee event that resolutely, most certainly, was not at all like others? An event that contained world firsts, world champions, incredible food & music, and … [Read more...]

The USA AeroPress Championship Is Coming To Manhattan


A few weeks ago we brought some very important news to your attention: the US AeroPress Championship needed a host, in advance of the 2015 World AeroPress Championship in Seattle next month. Today we're happy to report that the event has found a loving new home at Underline Coffee in Chelsea, on the island of Manhattan, New York City, and that … [Read more...]

Rise Of The Phoenix Coffee Brewer


Saint Anthony Industries is a new specialty-coffee-focused manufacturing concern from the Bombeck brothers, headed by Khristian Bombeck, inventor of the Alpha Dominche Steampunk. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Saint Anthony has been open for business online since late 2014, selling a line of bespoke machinist aprons and handmade tampers. But a … [Read more...]

Pittsburgh’s Prettiest New Cafe Is 4121 Main

Sprudge-BuildOut-4121 MAIN-Bar-01

We love when new cafes open. So enuch so, that each summer for the last three years we’ve embarked upon a globe-girdling, feature series peeking in on brand new and under-construction cafes from cities across the planet. But summer’s not the only time a new cafe can open, and we’re not seasonalists. What does it matter when a cafe opens? They're … [Read more...]

3 Top Recipes From The 2015 Singapore AeroPress Championship


On February 26th, Common Man Coffee Roasters hosted the 2015 Singapore AeroPress Championship, with 18 competitors coming together in an exciting and highly anticipated pressing of Aeros. Xin Yi Loke of Common Man was kind enough to share details, pictures, and winning recipes from the event with Andy Easthope served as head … [Read more...]

Sydney’s Paramount Coffee Project Expands To Los Angeles

pcpLA_primaryWhiteBg feature image 2 is excited to report that Paramount Coffee Project, the daring, high-concept specialty coffee bar and content haus, is expanding operations to Los Angeles in 2015. A collaboration between Mark Dundon of Seven Seeds (Melbourne), Russell Beard of Reuben Hills (Sydney), and business partner Ping Jin Ng, PCP is known internationally for … [Read more...]