Here Is Some Spooktacular Latte Art Because Halloween


Halloween is today here in the United States, that means a lot of spooking, some scary looking ghouls and goblins roaming the treats in search of tribute, and markedly less thought being put into content across all corners of the internet. It's Friday. It's Halloween. Let's look at some spooktacular latte art and maybe eat some candy corn and be … [Read more...]

Drag Queens Bianca Del Rio And Adore Delano Give This Starbucks Commercial LIFE


As reported in NewNowNext, RuPaul's Drag Race queens Bianca Del Rio and Adore Delano star in a brand new OUTtv + Starbucks commercial. The ad was shot in Toronto four months ago, and the drag queens bring levity and life and we can't get enough of it. Starbucks approached Canada's LGBT network OUTtv to create the spot, and according to … [Read more...]

We Need To Talk About This Latte, Taylor Swift

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.09.55 AM

As part of her recent #viral marketing campaign to promote the benefits of moving to New York City, Taylor Swift has Instagrammed this photo of a latte with the hashtag #WelcomeToNewYork. The campaign and its widely derided socio-cultural implications aside, what the fuck is going on here? That latte looks terrible. It looks like the froth was … [Read more...]

Zak & Ethan’s Magic Macchiato (The Magic Is Weed)

Zak and Ethan Magic Macchiato 009

So this drink was submitted to us as part of our Feel Good Drinks Of Fall series, and while it's certainly a feel good drink, it didn't quite qualify since it's not (yet) served in any cafes due to current U.S. drug laws. However! Cannabis+Coffee is slowly starting to happen despite the legal grey area, and this magic chocolate and cannabis … [Read more...]

An Interview With Wellington Artist And Coffee Supreme Collaborator Kieran Rynhart

Supreme Art 000

The specialty coffee world has something of a love/hate thing going on with takeaway cups, with an estimated 500 billion paper cups produced, then discarded, each year. On the hate front, most takeaway cups are not recyclable, and they should ideally be offered alongside a reusable solution to help minimize waste. But on the pro side, paper cups … [Read more...]

Feel Good Drinks Of Fall: The Apple Betty Cappuccino From Tobys Estate Brooklyn


A month ago we announced our new Feel Good Drinks Of Fall series, where we celebrate the latest and greatest in cozy coffee drinks. The series was inspired in part by this out of control S'mores Gibraltar from Onyx Coffee Lab, which the internet (our staff included) just could not get enough of. Submissions have been rolling in since then, and with … [Read more...]

There’s Something A Little Off About This Latte Art Contest

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.15.29 AM

Latte art smackdowns: have they jumped the shark? What could spice them up, bring them into the public eye in a new way, make them more corporate and also somehow more individual? In what may be one of the most unique brand synergy/barista-mainstreaming campaigns yet to hit US shores, AT&T announced earlier this month its Asian-American Latte … [Read more...]

Welp Here’s Russell Brand Making Espresso In London

russell brand

Breaking today via's patented internet coffee news wire--otherwise known as scrolling way back through Twitter--comes a belatedly reported but nonetheless remarkable true story from East London that combines two of our very favorite things: coffee preparation and the author / actor / interview rabble-rouser Russell Brand. Here, dear … [Read more...]

A Conversation With Cosimo Libardo, On His Departure From Nuova Simonelli

cosimo-cover can now report that Cosimo Libardo, president of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe and longtime Director of Sales & Marketing at Nuova Simonelli, has accepted a new position as Managing Director for Toby's Estate Coffee, a multinational coffee roaster, importer and farming operation based in Sydney, Australia. Mr. Libardo's … [Read more...]

Here Are The 2015 Good Food Awards Coffee Finalists

This afternoon, the 2015 Good Food Awards finalists officially dropped. There were 206 finalists from 46 states across many different categories, from beer to cheese to charcuterie, and of course coffee. You can read more about the Good Food Awards and previous winners in our archive here. Without further ado, here are the twenty-three Good Food … [Read more...]

A Film About Coffee Comes To The UK With London, Bristol & Brighton Dates


From debuting its trailer in late 2012, to a grand premiere at the 2014 United States Barista Championship, we've been following along with screenings and opening engagements of A Film About Coffee, a specialty coffee documentary directed by Brandon Loper and produced by Avocados and Coconuts.  In the coming weeks the film will be screening its … [Read more...]

Triple Americana: Dogwood Coffee, Shinola, And Filson Unite In Minneapolis

Dogwood Coffee Shinola-IMG_8691

The Minneapolis coffee scene has two recent new additions, both from the same company--our longtime friends and partners at Dogwood Coffee, a plucky little quality-focused micro-roaster located in industrial NE MPLS. The years have a way of changing things, and 2014 has seen Dogwood double down on retail, expanding from their original cafe … [Read more...]

Meridian: Madcap Coffee Teams With The Soil & The Sun

Meridian Labels

The Soil & the The Sun is a Grand-Rapids-based 7-piece band playing what they call "corn-fed, Michigan-made, experiential spiritual orchestral rock" and they recently released a new album titled Meridian. As part of that release, they collaborated with our partners at MadCap Coffee, also in Grand Rapids, on a limited release coffee "Meridian" … [Read more...]

Is Latte Art Coming Soon To A Starbucks Near You?


In a post earlier this month on the Starbucks Partners Facebook Group page, an internal document was leaked revealing the company has created a latte art guide for its partners (what Starbucks calls its staff). Is the company distributing these one-sheets to its 20,737 stores worldwide? Is latte art coming soon to a Starbucks near you? In … [Read more...]

Whole Foods Market Buys World’s First Custom Black Eagle Espresso Machine


Well kiss my grits. Look at this eye-popping custom Victoria Arduino (née Nuova Simonelli)  Black Eagle Espresso Machine. It's shipping out from Espresso Parts in Olympia, Washington with a fresh red powder coat and walnut accented everything. It's going home to Whole Foods in Alpharetta, Georgia. That's right, Alpharetta. This machine is going to … [Read more...]

We Interview Tohm Ifergan, “From Indian Lakes” Drummer And Coffee Obsessive


Musicians and coffee are the opposite of mutually exclusive: they inspire, perpetuate, and constantly interact with each other, from the barista recording demos late at night after work to the musician seeking clarity at the bottom of a demitasse before loading up the van. From Indian Lakes, an American music group originally from Yosemite, … [Read more...]