Let’s Talk Relationship Coffee Happens March 12th In Melbourne

Sprudge_LetsTalkRelationship-Phil Beattie

Since 2012 we've taken part in a series of coffee conferences called Let's Talk Coffee, presented by our friends and partners at Sustainable Harvest, a Portland, Oregon-based green coffee importer. Unique, origin-focused and wildly international, Let's Talk Coffee's previous speakers list is a who's who of top coffee minds, from Dr. Aaron Davis of … [Read more...]

Chicago: Bow Truss Coffee Faces Gentrification Pushback


As first reported by Eater Chicago, the specialty coffee roaster/retailer Bow Truss Coffee has twice in the last week found anti-gentrification signs placed overnight at its new Pilsen neighborhood coffee bar, on Chicago's South Side. As per Eater [emphasis theirs]: "Customers and workers at the coffee shop woke up Friday morning to find their … [Read more...]

Dear Mom, Here Are 6 Reasons Why I’m A Barista


Mom, over the holidays you did that thing again. Aunt Jane asked me what I've been up to, and you made an off-handed comment about how I'm still just a barista. Listen, I'm a professional barista and it's a profession that I'm super proud of. It's challenging, exciting, weird, and the longer I'm at it, the more I feel like this path is right for … [Read more...]

In Detroit, A Dazzling Second Location For Cafe Con Leche


Eater reports that Café con Leche has opened a second cafe cafe in Detroit's New Center District, and if these photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard are any indication, it's a stunner. The cafe will serve up coffees selected from Detroit's own Germack Coffee and Anthology Coffee, as well as Ugly Mug Coffee out of Ypsilanti, Michigan and Populace … [Read more...]

Here’s What Some Of The Smartest People In Coffee Will Talk About This Year At SCAA Symposium

A room full of smart people.

Once a year, the Specialty Coffee Association of America gets some of the smartest people in food science, agronomy, and specialty coffee in a room to talk about the state of global coffee. It's designed to get a little heavy, a little personal, and at times even a little uncomfortable. Founded in 2009, the annual Symposium has become home to … [Read more...]

Serena Williams And The “Miracle” Espresso: The Inside Story


A remarkable story was volleyed around the internet earlier this month, concerning American tennis great Serena Williams being served an in-game espresso at a match in Perth, Western Australia. At the macro level this isn't much of a story–"American visits Australia, enjoys good coffee" is hardly news at this point–but the sports world loves a good … [Read more...]

Did This SF Cafe Destroy A Mission District Mural For A Walk Up Window?

(via Mission Local

Lola Chavez of Mission Local reports that the 24th and Mission BART station area in San Francisco is getting a new cafe with a walk-up window. Chavez writes, "The place will be run by two brothers, according to their father who was at the site recently." One minor problem: the walk up window construction cut through one of the many vibrant … [Read more...]

Is Hacienda La Esmeralda Growing Giant Geisha Coffee? The Answer Might Shock You!


Sprudgie Award winner Rachel Peterson of Hacienda La Esmeralda in the Boquete District of Panama posted this bombshell of a picture on social media this week: "World's biggest coffee cherry?" Peterson posed this question via Facebook. No further information was given. This caused a viral frenzy online as Hacienda La Esmeralda fans worldwide … [Read more...]

Hunt For Good Coffee Beers At The Uppers + Downers Festival In Chicago


Good Beer Hunting, a popular online beer culture digest and brand consultancy, have teamed with our partners at Intelligentsia Coffee for a series of beer + coffee events, dubbed "Uppers + Downers"—we reported on the first such event in the fall of 2013. This year, Uppers + Downers is back again for its biggest event ever, a veritable festival of … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift Was Drinking La Colombe Coffee First

taylor sprudge

We have failed in our Taylor Swift #journalism duties. As you may know, Taylor Swift is a consumer of coffees, both chunky-bleu-cheese-wtf-looking and perfectly reasonably delicious looking ones. Somewhat recently (back in the iced coffee autumn season, sorry!) she was captured drinking an iced milky something-or-other from La Colombe, … [Read more...]

Kickstarter’s Infamous ZPM Espresso Machine Is Officially Cancelled


From the world of sad, failed Kickstarter projects comes today's news that the ZPM Espresso Machine, billed as "a home espresso machine that delivers true cafe quality with groundbreaking connectivity" and funded on Kickstarter to the tune of $369,569 dollars, has officially kicked the proverbial bucket, after a long struggle of a development … [Read more...]

How To Make Magically Medicated Marijuana Mochas


A few weeks ago we got together with some friends here in Portland, Oregon to celebrate a recent electoral victory that made recreational marijuana legal in this state. We decided to mark this momentous occasion the only real way we know how: by combining coffee and marijuana into a delicious drink. That delicious drink? The mocha—a subtly … [Read more...]

7 Beautiful Bags From A Global Holiday Coffee Exchange


The Third Wave Wichteln, an international secret santa coffee swap, had a very successful second year. Its first year saw 362 participants swappin' seeds, and this year there were over 1,500. Packages from around the world are arriving at the doorsteps of the Wichteln participants, and their bounties are getting shared aplenty on Facebook and … [Read more...]

A Major Expansion For Olympia Coffee Roasting Company


We bring news from the south Puget Sound, where our friends and partners at Olympia Coffee Roasting Company have shared with us their plans for a significant expansion of roasting, retailing, and cold brew production facilities at their downtown Olympia, Washington headquarters. Founded in 2005, Olympia Coffee's flagship space on 4th and Cherry … [Read more...]

The Sixth Annual Sprudgie Awards

sprudgies award

Welcome to the 6th annual Sprudgie Awards! The Sprudgies honor notable achievements in coffee in a variety of categories, awarded each year after careful deliberation. This year’s awards were authored by Sprudge.com’s editorial team of Liz Clayton, Alex Bernson, Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen. Best New Cafe: Scandinavian Embassy Notable … [Read more...]

22 Delicious Coffee Stories From 2014


It has been a wild, wacky, incredibly buzzy 2014, the biggest and busiest year in Sprudge history. We more than doubled our readership from 2013, led by a big influx of readers from all over the globe, and especially from Australia, Eastern Europe and Asia. 2015 has many great surprises in store that we can't wait to start sharing with you soon, … [Read more...]