A Glimpse Inside The 2014 SCAA Symposium


The sixth annual Specialty Coffee Association of America Symposium is happening right now as we live and breathe in Seattle. Symposium is a professional two-day summit of coffee thinkers/leaders/producers, and it's our distinct honor to be a part of the Symposium community this year as speakers, salon hosts, and ambassadors. This year's … [Read more...]

Everywhere You Should Eat, Drink, and Have Fun In Seattle For SCAA


The 2014 SCAA Event happens this week in Seattle, bringing with it tens of thousands of curious attendees and visitors from all over the world. Seattle is a great place to hold such an event! This city is hip, with plenty of fun places to eat and drink around town and no shortage of options within the immediate vicinity of the Washington State … [Read more...]

A Crasher’s Guide To The Best Coffee Parties In Seattle This Week


"The Event," Specialty Coffee of America's annual exposition happens this week in Seattle, Washington. Attendance is expected to exceed 20,000 participants--an international horde of coffee professionals, nerds, hobbyists, and competitors. The giant trade show extravaganza is known for its endless parties. Here's a list of the semi-public/probably … [Read more...]

“A Film About Coffee” World Premiere This Week In Seattle


The world premiere of the much-anticipated A Film About Coffee happens this week in Seattle, Washington. Tickets are now available for the event taking place on April 26th at 7PM at the Downtown Seattle AMC Pacific Place 11, conveniently located just blocks away from the Washington State Convention Center, home to this weekend's SCAA … [Read more...]

Bay Area Roaster Teams With Chicago Artist For The Cutest Coffee Shirt Of 2014


We love a good coffee t-shirt, but they're not all created equal. Some branded coffee t-shirts make you want to get your picture taken! Some are better purposed for laundry day, or take-out night. Falling firmly into the former category are these new shirts from Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, designed by Chicago artist Hillary Miles and … [Read more...]

United States To Crown AeroPress Champion On Friday, April 25th


The United States AeroPress Championship will take place this week in Seattle, during the Specialty Coffee Association of America's annual Event coffee-pa-looza. The event is one of many coffee competitions happening--there'll be all manner of US champions this week, from latte art to coffee brewing to the US Barista Championship--and we'll be … [Read more...]

Wow, Look At This Scottish AeroPress Championship Poster


The coffee scene in Scotland is popping off right now, with top roasters like Dear Green Coffee and Artisan Roast leading the charge, and cafes in Edinburgh and Glasgow making a name for themselves far beyond the Mairches. At the United Kingdom Barista Championship just a few weeks ago, we watched on as competitors from Scotland represented … [Read more...]

Happy Easter. Happy (Almost) Anzac Day. Here’s Some Links.


It was a wild week what once was, Dear Readers, but that's nothing to prepare for the week whence impending, as we're in bunker mode here at Sprudge HQ in preparation for the upcoming 2014 Speciality Coffee Association of America Event, 2014 United States Barista Championshi, 2014 US Latte Art Championships, 2014 SCAA Symposium, and so, so much … [Read more...]

How Was Barista Nation Montreal? It. Was. Everything.


Earlier this month we took part in Barista Nation Montreal, a gathering of coffee professionals, enthusiasts, and observers from across North America, hosted by our friends and partners at UNIC. This was an intimate, congenial gathering, our 7th time attending a Barista Nation event, and a wonderful introduction to the people and personalities who … [Read more...]

72 Hours Of Coffee, Food & Hip-Hop In Houston


In late February of 2014, Sprudge.com co-founder and editor Jordan Michleman traveled to Houston, Texas for a weekend series of events in partnership with Mahlkönig, InterAmerican Coffee, and Blacksmith. Fast-forward a month and he is back in Portland, Oregon, where perhaps coincidentally, the Trail Blazers are set to take on the Houston Rockets in … [Read more...]

Taylor St Baristas’ Ninth Location Pops Up In A London Skyscraper


Taylor St Baristas, the venerable London specialty coffee outfit, has just opened its newest location in the city: a three-month pop-up bar in Tower 42, a towering skyscraper at 25 Old Broad Street. Founded in 2006 by three Australian siblings, Taylor St has played an important role in the coffee boom in London, and this pop-up, serving their own … [Read more...]

Vinyl In Cafes Is So Yesterday. Here’s What Baristas Are Using Now.


Modern cafes around the world are spending more and more time focusing on their sick stereo setups. Coffee bars like Four Barrel in San Francisco and Stumptown Coffee on Pine Street in Seattle proudly display shelves of records, and baristas take turns spinning their favorite albums. We're first to report on a new trend that's sweeping the … [Read more...]

SCAA Symposium Preview: An Interview With Director Peter Giuliano

At last year's Symposium in Boston, at the Harvard Club.

Starting next week the attentions of the coffee world turn to the city of Seattle, home of the 2014 SCAA Event and the 2014 United States Barista Championship. But before those events get underway, the Speciality Coffee Association of America will host its 6th annual SCAA Symposium event. This event has been one of the premiere gatherings of coffee … [Read more...]

3 Perfect Coffee Cocktails From DC Campus In Milan


The World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship will take place in Melbourne, Australia in May. The competition, in its sixth year, combines the worlds of cocktails and coffee by having competitors craft three beverages on stage for a panel of judges: an Irish Coffee, a cold cocktail, and a warm cocktail. Twenty-five countries will be represented on … [Read more...]

At 85, Bruno Dalla Corte Drinks 5 Espressos A Day


While in Milan for DC Campus last week, it was our distinct pleasure and privilege to sit briefly with Bruno Dalla Corte, patriarch of the Dalla Corte brand and a lifelong Italian espresso machine technician. He started his life in coffee in 1947, when at the age of seventeen he was hired as a technician by La Cimbali. He and a team of four were … [Read more...]

Cheap And Classy Barware To Fancy Up Espresso


For centuries, the demitasse has held dominion over espresso as its assumed vessel of choice. But who says that espresso can't be served in whatever you want it to be served in? Daring cafes around the world are ditching the demitasse in favor of drinkware traditionally found in the bar cabinet. And who says you have to stop there? Cut-glass … [Read more...]