Andrew Brewtbart Returns: “Of Trolls And Tro...

Andrew Brewtbart Returns: “Of Trolls And Trotskyites”

It’s been almost 9 months since the world has received a full-length telex from Andrew Brewtbart, the Boca Raton-based coffee pundit, published author, and self-proclaimed “leading voice of the Conservative Coffee Movement”. His latest salvo addresses speciatly coffee’s internet culture of trolling anonymity, and calls out certain members of the coffee “Geek Blog” community by (first) name:

These are dangerous times we’re living in. If the response to Oliver Strand’s recent article on manual brewing in the New York Times Magazine has made anything clear, it’s that geek bloggers have no idea what’s going to happen 5 minutes from now. Chances are you are not familiar with geek bloggers – it’s the Gregs, Marks, Tonxes and Mikes, a regular gulag archipelago, itself a simpering smorgasbord of ex-home-barista circular jerkitude, each more negligable and irrelevent than the last. Geek blogs offer a near-constant stream of hup-tupping and tut-tutting that would make King Tutankahmun blink.

We’ll take this moment to state publicly: in no way endorses the views of Andrew Brewtbart. Also, it is always very difficult for us to choose which parts of Mr. Brewtbart’s work to excerpt for Sprudge. Read the whole thing over at his firebrand blog, “The Shot With Andrew Brewtbart”.


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