Anderson Cooper Disses Coffee On Cable TV

Anderson Cooper Disses Coffee On Cable TV

Anderson Cooper, that hunky silver fox, tries coffee for the first time ever on his fluffy daytime talk-show and goes diva supernova. He also tries, for the first time in his life, spinach and brussel sprouts. Well, who the hell knows where his  coffee came from but jeez-louise! That spinach looked overdone and the brussel sprouts looked awful. Who prepared it all? Those fawning fussy females  in fuchsia?

Master Chef?

Mr. Cooper, ditch those ladies and head over to our place. We’ll cook you up some nice brussel sprouts with brandy and shallots and follow dinner with a nice dessert of creme fraiche ice cream and keep you up late with an Aeropress of Kenya Ngunguru. You’ll wake up to a breakfast of eggs florentine and we can wash it all down with a luscious Chemex of fully-washed Ethiopia Biloya. Pinky swear: you’ll love it.

She's not invited.


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