Aimee Kick’s FABULOUS Coffee Filter Dress

Aimee Kick’s FABULOUS Coffee Filter Dress


Old news but great outfit, and meme-tastic for today. Aimee Kick from Missouri’s fabulous filter prom dress! Check out more pics at Fashion Police.

Aimee Kick from Missouri, US, spent a month creating this dress, which is made completely from coffee filters, for her senior prom at Francis Howell North High School. The 18-year-old aspiring fashion designer spends a lot of time at coffee shops and has become known locally as the “the girl with a coffee cup”. Although presumably now she’ll be known as “the girl in the coffee dress“. got in touch with Aimee Kick and asked her if she was working on any exciting projects for 2011…

I spent the last year following my graduation in West Africa so not too much thrifty clothing has been worked on in the past year. I did recently start a dress out of brown paper bags, though I’ve been pretty busy, so I wouldn’t expect any products any time soon.

I’ve had a fair amount of girls in high school asking advice on how to make dresses out of coffee filters. Of course, I’d love to see them branch out, try new things and go farther than what I did, but I think it’s really great that people are interested in challenging themselves to try something different.

Thanks, Aimee!

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