A Pretty Much Unbelievable Coffee Spa In Japan

A Pretty Much Unbelievable Coffee Spa In Japan

Discovered while perusing Ryoko Iwata’s most excellent blog – “I Love Coffee” – are these bizarre and amazing photos of an onsen theme park in Japan. Folks in Japan just absolutely love going to the hot springs – and why not? Hot springs are awesome, and good for you to boot. Like rice pudding, coffee brewing, and Wisconsin-themed bars, you can find a nice hot springs experience in pretty much every culture around the world.

But this “Hot Springs Amusement Park” in Hakone, Japan, just southwest of Tokyo near the city of Yokohama, is ridiculously over the top fantastic. You can actually bathe in coffee!


Coffee soak. (I Love Coffee)

Yes, this is actually happening. Here’s more from I Love Coffee: “Coffee doesn’t come from the ground so how do they get it into the bath water you ask? They make coffee in a pot and pour it in!”

But wait! It gets better.


Maccha soak. (I Love Coffee)

A nice hot springs green tea schvitz? Sure, why not? And after all that dunking, you’re probably a little hungry too, right?


Noodle soak. (I Love Coffee)

And what goes better with a ramen hot tub and a coffee dip than a little glass of red wine?


Pinot soak. (I Love Coffee)

For more, visit Ryoko Iwata’s I Love Coffee, which is pretty much our new favorite blog ever, available in Japanese and English language versions.


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