A Killer Shot: California’s 2nd Amendment Bl...

A Killer Shot: California’s 2nd Amendment Blend

California handgun enthusiasts and political “independents” aren’t shy about their love of weaponry. Case in point: a recent trend that finds deterrence-minded marksmen and women making a splash by displaying their Glocks at Bear Republic coffee shops. So far they’ve focused on major chains: Peet’s Coffee and Tea, who’ve banned weapons in their stores in response to recent events, and Starbucks, who have been cited as exemplars by those in the “open-carry movement”. Can it be long before we start seeing shotguns at Stumptown, pistols at PT’s, or .9mms at 9th Street? When all Four Barrels are loaded, won’t our precious cafes become nothing more than a no-win game of Russian roulette?

Do your regulars qualify as a well-regulated militia?

Christian Science Monitor: Guns at Starbucks?


  1. Lorenzo Perkins

    6 March

    I love this country.

  2. sam penix

    28 February


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