8 Scary Coffee Stories To Tell In The Dark

8 Scary Coffee Stories To Tell In The Dark


The Ordered Your Coffee And Pastries And Left Your Wallet At Home


The Line Out The Door On Your Fifteen Minute Coffee Break


The Man Who Took Your Large Nonfat Latte But Actually Ordered A Small Mocha


The Overzealous Barista Who Wants To Tell You Everything About Your Coffee At 6:30AM


The Lukewarm “Because It Tastes Better That Way” Latte


The Spilled Coffee In The Middle Of The Cafe While You’re Hung Over And Just Want To Die


The Unpronounceable Coffee Beverage When All You Want Is Caffeine


The Public Cupping



Do you have a scary coffee story to tell in the dark? Submit it for the approval of the Sprudge Night Society in our comment campfire below!


    • Dan

      8 October

      That is hilarious! Add “hotdog” to your list of tasting notes…

      Cozzee – The New Socially Conscious Way to Drink Great Coffee |

  1. Michael

    8 October

    Click on the link for the story behind what was without question the worst cup of coffee ever brewed.

  2. Dan

    7 October

    Here’s one for ya – the coffee station area with a sticky floor!

    Cozzee – The New Socially Conscious Way to Drink Great Coffee |

  3. Justaphil

    7 October

    So I went with horror movie/coffee puns instead. Big deal!

  4. Justaphil

    7 October

    The Monster Who Dumped Half N Half Into The beautiful Double Ristretto

    Night of The Living Becky

    Friday: The Thirteenth Day of Fourteen Days In A Row On Shift

    Rosemary’s Babycino Order For Her Obnoxious Devil Child


    I Still Know What You Drank Last Summer (it was Sawbucks)

    The Skiming

    Evil Decaf

    Evil Decaf 2

    28 Doppios Later

    Nightmare Reviews on Yelp Site

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