5 Questionable Coffee Infographics That Really Have Us Buzzing


Webster’s Dictionary defines the infographic as a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.” Combine that with coffee and you’ve really got something buzzworthy! Or at least you should. Turns out infographics are also a way to permanently fix dubious, questionable, or downright inaccurate information to a large font and color splash. The infographic gods giveth, surely, but they also taketh away.

Below are 5 coffee infographics, each containing highly questionable claims and information. Can you spot the flat-out inaccuracies? Can you prove your worth as King Dork or Queen Nerd by pointing out the mistakes? Do so in our comments section, or on Twitter, whatever. Or don’t. It’s your life.

5. Coffee – The Truth About Your Morning Fix

4. Coffee Facts

3. Pouring In Your Cup

2. All You Need To Know About Coffee

1. Coffee – 5 Interesting Facts


  1. Nathan Pickles says

    5 Interesting Facts has one Fact totally WRONG. Hawaii ain’t the only state producing coffee commercially. Good Land Organics grows coffee in CALIFORNIA. LOOK IT UP.

  2. Nathanael says

    I was pleased to find out that once I finished reading #2, I knew “all I needed to know about coffee.”

  3. Nathan Pickles says

    Lady Iron Chef says Columbia is #3 coffee producing country. COLUMBIA? PBBBT. It’s COLOMBIA. And Honduras & Peru are one country? NEWS TO ME.

  4. Sarah Funnell says

    Both #4 and #1 have ye olde light vs. dark oversimplification. I wrote a post about that not long ago. http://www.bearded-bean.com/light-roast-coffee-caffeine/

    The “2nd most valuable commodity” line in #2 is pretty questionable, as well. http://www.dimattinacoffee.com.au/blog/entry/coffee_second_only_to_oil_is_coffee_really_the_second_largest_commodity

    …and now I am coming up with too many to list. Honorable mentions for “most egregious oversimplifications and mistruths” go to the “Kaffa” etymology in #2 and the placement of cafe au lait on the venn diagram in #3.

  5. Tim says

    I love how in the first one, an americano has 5 times as much caffeine as a shot of espresso. That is some potent water they added.

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