Happy Halloween: The Scariest Coffee Videos Of All Time


Ghoulish! First up, we'd like to present you with fear. Horror. Insanity. Gaze upon this Kubrickian wail, and expose yourself to the echoes of madness... [youtube]iTcF9fWKL64[/youtube] Blood-curdling! Next, terror is writ large in this dark, Hitchockian glimpse at a human mind pushed...to … [Read more...]

Ghoulish: Animal Abuse Coffee Continues – Now With Elephants

Elephant poop coffee is a thing.

In the world of exploiting animals for obscenely priced exotic coffees, elephants are le dernier cri! The Wall Street Journal has published this harrowing real-life frightmare of a report from Bangkok, where a rag-tag group of elephants are being force-fed coffee cherries for human profit. Much like the pointlessly abused civet cat, these poor … [Read more...]

Spooky: My French-Press, A Manual K-Cup Brewer


We found this video in a shallow grave and it's for a new product that should go straight into our bottomless pit! It answers the question: What looks like an Aeropress, brews K-Cups, and recommends microwaving water? The positively ghoulish  My French-Press! Don't let the name fool you, it's certainly not a french press, and it's most definitely … [Read more...]

Seattle: Slate Coffee Roasters To Debut At La Marzocco


La Marzocco USA continues their weekly Roasters Showcase series in Seattle this Friday at 10am, where they'll be featuring Seattle's newest coffee concern, a company called Slate Coffee Roasters. The project has a few intriguing resumes to boast, with an opening staff that includes Timothy Graham (ex-Victrola), Brandon Paul Weaver, and Nik Virrey … [Read more...]

Ferry Building Evacuates Amidst Arboreal Bomb Scare

The offending suitcase. Is it art? (Via: SFist)

All clear in San Francisco after a suitcase in a tree prompted evacuations in and around the Ferry Building, home to the Good Food Awards, Verve Coffee Roasters account Frog Hollow, Blue Bottle Coffee's charming little windward outpost, and various upscale eateries and artisanal snack holes. SF Chronicle reports: Officers had closed streets, … [Read more...]

NERBC Canceled Due To Hurricane Sandy


Superstorm Sandy and its impact up and down the Eastern seaboard has halted the North East Regional Barista Competition, which had been scheduled to take place over the weekend in Atlantic City. The Bally's Casino remains boarded up as clean-up crews and rescue workers work through the day to help folks stranded, displaced, and looking for … [Read more...]

Sandy In Queens: The Dallis Bros. Coffee Storm Surge Flickr Set


That nasty old Hurricane Sandy, she's queening out in Queens, where our friends at Dallis Bros. Coffee are based. They've got some Flickr photos of the storm surge realness, like this doozy of Josip Drazenovich, Training and Development Manager for Dallis Bros, still practicing away for the maybe-still-happening NERBC: Meanwhile the street … [Read more...]

DC: Peregrine Prevails After Sandy’s Surge, Huge Lines

The ONC via Politico

The Metro may be closed in DC, but that's not stopping droves of java seekers from finding their buzz at Peregrine Espresso. According to Peregrine's Twitter feed, both MidCity and Eastern Market locations will stay open until 9PM tonight. Petula Dvorak of the Washington Post reports: Baristas carpooled, bicycled and walked to work to help … [Read more...]

MPLS: Dogwood Coffee Magic Science Night…Tonight!


Live in Minneapolis? Spend an evening in the living room of Dogwood Coffee's roast works as Level 9 Brewers Cup Wizard Jon Ferguson magically deconstructs espresso TONIGHT! Expect VST Baskets, pressure profiling, and wonder. This is the sixth monthly installment since its inception back in May. In previous MSN's, Jon has covered defects, bimodal … [Read more...]

Some People Call It Art: Putting Weird Things In Coffee


You want cream and sugar with your coffee? Boring! There is a blog on the Internet dedicated to outrageous coffee additives that make for some curious concoctions! It's been around for quite sometime but for some reason it's been off our radar! It's been around for awhile and we've got a lot of catching up to do. How about putting blood sausage … [Read more...]

Kenya Dig It? We Can Dig It: Recap With Full List Of Coffees Served!


On Thursday, October 25th, roughly 80 people gathered together in Chicago at Intelligentsia's 1871 Coffee Bar for the 6th in a soon-to-be-concluded series of Sprudge.com public cupping parties. Together we tasted 35 Kenyan coffees from 22 distinct roasters, including entries from as far away as Melbourne, London, and Copenhagen. The event itself … [Read more...]

Hurricane Sandy and the NERBC: An Update From Dallis Bros.


This just arrived in our inbox, and we're passing it along to you folks who are prepping for this weekend's impending Northeast Regional Barista Competition, which is scheduled to be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The email comes us to from John Moore, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Dallis Bros. Coffee, whose sponsorship anchors this year's … [Read more...]

Storm Watch: Hurricane Sandy Shuts Down East Coast


Folks on the East Coast are in full-on bunker mode as Hurricane Sandy comes barreling down. Restaurants and cafes are closing while cities up and down the coastline have been evacuated. Public transportation in NYC, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Boston have been shut down. Coffee shipments across the coast have been delayed, with the USPS and … [Read more...]

Update: Costa Coffee Totes Not Opening In Totnes


After considerable success shaming (originally covered by Sprudge here), the folks at Costa Coffee will not opening up shop in the British quirk capital of Totnes. The city council was totes cool with it, but the city folk themselves were totes against it and Costa decided it didn't want to draw swords with the Totnes townies. More from Auntie … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review For 10/27/2012


Like clockwork, every Saturday our intrepid intern Joanna Han (@joannakarenina) provides us with a delightful run-down of the best in This Week's Sprudgery. We are going to write her such a nice letter of rec someday. Enjoy! Let’s Talk Pergamino: While in Medellin, Colombia earlier this month for the Let’s Talk Coffee conference, your Sprudge … [Read more...]

Topeka: Flatlanders Barista Cup Kicks Off Tonight!


The first-ever Flatlanders Barista Cup kicks off live tonight at PT'S Coffee Roasting in Topeka, Kansas. Drawing in barista competitors, speakers, producers, and coffee enthusiasts from around the world, the FBC's opening night of festivities features coffee service from 2011 WBC Champion Alejandro Mendez and 2011 USBC Champion Pete Licata. FBC's … [Read more...]