Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review for 9/30/2012


Our most commonly asked question these days: "Is your intern actually real?" Yes, Joanna Han is definitely a real person who works for us, and she's great. Follow her on Twitter. Sirens Invade Scandinavia: That magical region of the world known as Scandinavia had managed to stay Starbucks-free for an impressively long time (Norway’s first … [Read more...]

Leather Year: September 29th, 2012 Was Our Third Birthday


  Today is Sprudge.com's third birthday, and boy howdy, it's been a wild ride. In three short years this website has grown from an inside joke (done on the side from day jobs) into a real-life full-time career for the both of us. We get to travel and write and Photoshop professionally, and it's something we are both intensely grateful for, … [Read more...]

San Jose: The Barefoot Coffee Soft Opens A Rollup Pop-Up


The fine folks at Barefoot Coffee just opened a "Rollup Bar" at their roastery in San Jose - but it's not a fruit rollup bar, silly, it's a coffee bar! Eater Wire sez: "San Jose roastery Barefoot Coffee (76 Sunol) soft opened an on-site cafe featuring pastries, hot coffee, cold brew and Dandelion Chocolate bars today (September 26). The grand … [Read more...]

MPLS: Hüsker Brew Impending, Hüsker Brew For All


Minneapolis! We're in your town right now, as we live and breathe. Tonight we're throwing a giant party with Cafe Imports, our gracious, generous, and capable hosts here in the Twin Cities. Logistics and support for the party have been provided by our friends at Dogwood Coffee Roasters, whose roastery is really pretty. Hüsker Brew is completely … [Read more...]

Siren Invasion: Starbucks Expands To Scandinavia


As per this feature in the Wall Street Journal, Starbucks is readying for a major expansion into Scandinavia: [Starbucks] will open the first in a series of stand-alone stores in Norway's biggest city, Oslo, next year and then expand to the streets and neighborhoods of Stockholm. The Seattle company currently has eight stores in the Nordic … [Read more...]

The Rules Of Extraction: Inside The New USBC Scoresheet


Somehow, improbably, barista competition time is nearly upon us again here in the United States. Sprudge.com will be covering all regionals and nationals as your minty new official Digital Media Sponsors, but for all of you would-be competitors out there, be aware: there's some scoring changes in play this year as set by the Competitions … [Read more...]

Sprudge.com Supports The 28th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles


In this week's very special episode of Sprudge.com: In 1985, a national poll showed 72 percent of Americans favored mandatory HIV testing. 51 percent favored quarantine. And 15 percent favored tattoos for those infected with HIV. Confusion and ignorance and fear characterized the American understanding of AIDS; it was at this time that a … [Read more...]

Fermentation & Fruit Bombs: Durham? I Hardly Knew Him!


Sprudge.com co-founder Zachary Carlsen survived (barely) a week spent embedded in the Counter Culture Coffee Fermentation & Fruit Bombs mobile road show. Coverage from Philly here, Boston here, and DC here. Realness. The autumn DC sun was blazing. It was hot as biscuits. With one swift jerk of the automatic stick shift, our Dodge Cortados … [Read more...]

A Nerdy Love Letter To Dogwood’s Roast Report


We love nerds. Nerds are a very, very important asset to the specialty coffee industry - for ANY industry, to be clear. Nerds push quality; nerds demand results. Nerds are why we have it so good these days, across all and sundry spectrums of modern life. We regard nerds very highly, perhaps in no small part because we are ourselves huge geeks, in … [Read more...]

Barista Nation LA Part 2: Blazing Orange County Nights


As requested, above you can find a slow-motion video presentation of our HunkShot: Hoop Dreams feature. Read a recap of day one at #BNLA here. On the hottest September 15th in SoCal history, Barista Nation LA drew well over a hundred attendees from throughout the Southwest to the Beyond The Grind warehouse in the tech canyons of industrial … [Read more...]

SprudgeTip #3: The Strada EP Steam Wand Steam Iron


The above video is just the latest in our ongoing series of original insider pro-tips. In case you missed the earlier SprudgeTips. #1 - Chemex flush with a stylish touch. #2 - Pop bottles off kilter with a portafilter. This one comes from Scott Guglielmino of La Marzocco, who spends a lot of time on the road and occasionally needs to clean … [Read more...]

ElectionWatch: Unfiltered! Return Of The Obama Blend


Did you think the Obama Blend coffee gimmick was a thing of the past, like "hope" and "change" and Sarah Palin's fake granddaughter? Well you were wrong, wronger than John McCain, because the 2012 election offers a brand new opportunity to blend together Hawaiian, Kenyan, and Indonesian coffee to form yet another Barack Obama blend. More from … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review for 9/23/2012


Joanna Han is Sprudge.com's first-ever Real Live Unpaid Intern! Follow her on Twitter, and check out some of her cool photography on Bon Appetit! Good Coffee x Good Design: Good coffee loves a handsome contraption, so we had Sprudge.com staff writer Alex Bernson introduce three new coffee products “with design realness.” But wait, there's more. … [Read more...]

Fermentation & Fruit Bombs: Washington, DC

Tim drops fruit bombs while Katie drops mad truth bombs.

Sprudge.com co-founder Zachary Carlsen has been embedded all week long in Counter Culture Coffee’s Fermentation & Fruit Bombs road show. Read our coverage from Boston here and here, and our coverage from Philly here. It takes around three hours to travel between Philadelphia and DC. It's takes around four to five hours if you stop for … [Read more...]

Ozersky’s Exertions: Specialty Coffee Ragged In TIME


The man who literally wrote the book on Archie Bunker has become him. Josh Ozersky's latest article for TIME Magazine is titled "The Perils of Coffee Snobbery." Mr. Ozersky was once on the very forefront of modern culinary journalism, and has the James Beard Award to prove it, but soft! How swift the tides of time can change. Mr. Ozersky's … [Read more...]

Fermentation & Fruit Bombs Road Show: Philly Putty


Sprudge.com co-founder Zachary Carlsen is embedded all week long in the traveling caravan that *is* Counter Culture Coffee’s Fermentation & Fruit Bombs road show. Read our coverage from Boston here and here. Barreling south from Boston, bound for Philly, the Fermentation & Fruit Bombs road show trekked through stormy weather and … [Read more...]