Village Voice: Barista Gets Nasty, Should Find Another Job


Spotted via our alt weekly waiver wire: Barista/tortured writer Shane Barnes sounds off in the Village Voice about a service person's expectations of customer interactions. Mr. Barnes sets the bar pretty high. While it's certainly not the first "I hate my customers" rant in the history of man, it is perhaps the first set of guidelines for … [Read more...]

Meet The Makers With La Marzocco and Stumptown Coffee


Since 1927, every La Marzocco machine has been made by hand. Since 1999, Stumptown Coffee Roasters have been pulling shots on La Marzocco machines. To celebrate this partnership, Stumptown Coffee will be hosting a series of events with La Marzocco next week, where folks will have an opportunity to rub shoulders with two Italian espresso machine … [Read more...]

Pillow Talk: Handsome’s Mike Phillips Grinds In NYC


The menfolk at Handsome Coffee Roasters may be based in Los Angeles, but that hasn't stopped them from taking a bite out of the Big Apple. HCR Owner and World Barista Champion Mike Phillips recently spent ten days in New York City, a whirlwind work-fun combo trip wherein Mr. Phillips did the following: served free iced coffee at the Brooks Brothers … [Read more...]

Piece Of Cake! Finally, A Coffee Analogy We Can Chew On


Finally! A coffee analogy we can sink our teeth into. You got a friend who wants to learn more about coffee? Tell them it's a piece of cake! This slice of wisdom comes from HomeBarista user GVDub: I've had a certain amount of success with an analogy to baked goods, at least regarding bean freshness and storage. You wouldn't want to bake a cake, … [Read more...]

Exclusive: First Look At Stumptown’s New Portland HQ


At 11AM PST, Thursday August 30, the ribbing cutting ceremony for Stumptown Coffee Roasters new headquarters will commence. was given a sneak peak at Stumptown's impressive new home at 100 SE Salmon Street, in Southeast Portland last week. The whole facility is over 37,000 square feet of roasting, training, quality control, green … [Read more...]

Moscow: Soyuz Coffee And The Spasskaya Tower Of Power!


Our friends at Soyuz Coffee Roasting have done it again! Barista champions from all over the world are flying to Moscow to take part in the Spasskaya Tower international Military Music Festival, where thousands upon thousands will descend upon their service station in Red Square to order up specialty coffee by the gallons. There will be fireworks! … [Read more...]

Back To School: The Best Dorm Room Coffee Setup


Back to school season is in session at college campuses across North America, bringing with it a flock of young, impressionable, born-in-the-90's Freshmen who are living it up on their own for the very first time. Caffeine and college go hand in hand, but take it from us: No-Doze is a poor substitute for a delicious cup of coffee. That's why we've … [Read more...]

Back To School: 20 Roasters For 20 Colleges


It's a wild time, these back to school days, a time when your own personal spin on Maslow's hierarchy of needs includes claiming the top bunk in a three-dude dorm room (true story, happened to us). But whatever you do, do not resort to No-Doze for your collegiate caffeination. Odds are that wherever you might be in the United States, there's a nice … [Read more...]

Oklahoma! Cafe Evoke’s Speedy Video Remix

EVOKE Remix from EVOKE on Vimeo. The city of Edmond, Oklahoma, is home to one of the more beautiful new cafes to open anywhere in 2012: Cafe Evoke. Anchored by a drop-dead gorgeous Espresso Parts custom La Marzocco Linea espresso machine (canary yellow and aquamarine), photos of this cafe pretty much turn us into the interior design equivalent of … [Read more...]

Google Hangout With the Pioneers Of Direct Trade


Ain't technology grand? Two of the architects of the direct trade model - Geoff Watts and Peter Giuliano - will be hanging out together later today on Google, taking your questions, playfully throwing each other shade, and just all-around dropping knowledge and having a good time. Also joining them will be 2008 World Barista Champion Stephen … [Read more...]

Mr. Todd’s Wild Ride: The Carmichael Interview


As first reported on Eater, La Colombe Torrefaction owner Todd Carmichael's reality television show Dangerous Grounds will premiere on November 5th, 2012. caught up with the globetrotting Mr. Carmichael, currently grounded in Haiti, drenched by Tropical Storm Isaac. Borrowing a nearby NGO's WiFi connection, Mr. Carmichael was able to … [Read more...]

Flickr Of Consciousness: Counter Culture Coffee In Bolivia


Counter Culture Coffee has released another beautiful photostream on the Flickr photo sharing service. In this slideshow, CCC visits CENAPROC in Bolivia, winds their way down the newly repaved Yungas Road (the notorious Death Road), and offer running commentary from their newest green buyer, Hannah Popish. Ms. Popish visited CENAPROC alongside CCC … [Read more...]

Launder Your Linens With Lemon Pound Cake


Starbucks in Hong Kong announced it'll be recycling its spent coffee grounds and stale pastries and turning it into...laundry detergent! New York Daily News has more: The project, led by scientists at the City University of Hong Kong, is being tested at a new food ‘biorefinery,' that diverts food waste and transforms it into viable, usable … [Read more...]

San Francisco: Coffee Bar & Scoutmob’s Block Party Bonanza

hand-picked are going (going) back (back) to Cali (Cali) on Saturday, September 8th, to take part in a big ol' San Francisco block party thrown by the folks at Coffee Bar SF, Mr. Espresso, and ScoutMob. There'll be food, booze, and a huge latte art/rib throwdown, all starting at 3pm at 1890 Bryant Street, in the heart of that cool half-neighborhood … [Read more...]

Reading Rainbrew: Left Coast Roast


We just love Hanna Neuschwander's new book, out next week by Timber Press and titled "Left Coast Roast: A Guide To The Best Coffee And Roasters From San Francisco To Seattle." Neuschwander's book is a complete guide to Northern California and Pacific Northwest coffee roasters, both large and small, from Seattle's Best Coffee to Kuma, Boyd's to … [Read more...]

Luck Be A Latte: NERBC Dates Announced For Atlantic City!


You thought you had a few more months to rest, prep, and mentally calibrate yourself for the 2013 United States Barista Championship competition cycle. You thought wrong. Dates have now officially been set by the SCAA for the opening event in this year's USBC calendar, and it's kicking off with a doozy. The hotly competitive, immensely … [Read more...]