Cupping California With


We're thrilled to announce our next in an ongoing series of public cupping parties, happening in the city of San Francisco on Thursday, August 9th. It's called "Cupping California", a celebration of California specialty coffee roasters - a night of cupping coffees roasted within the wild confines of the Golden State. The event takes place in the … [Read more...]

B&B, Kaldi’s Stop, Collaborate and Listen


Breaking late Monday evening PST here on Sprudge, news that ATL/Olympia based coffee roasters Batdorf & Bronson and St. Louis' Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Company have teamed up together for an innovative, radical roasting collaboration. The deets: Two Guatemalan coffees, uniquely roasted, shipped between St. Louis and Atlanta, blended in equal … [Read more...]

7 Tips For The Perfect Coffee Wedding


Did someone pop the question? Are you planning the wedding of your dreams? Do you love coffee as much as you love your fiancé? recently took the nation's top wedding planners and teamed them up with America's top baristas and have created the definitive guide, replete with the best wedding favors, the hottest tips, and the insider's … [Read more...]

St. Louis, Atlanta, Your Brew Fate Is Wednesday


Happening this Wednesday, August 1st, baristas in St. Louis and Atlanta will be pitted against each other in steel cage Skype death match brew battle of gargantuan proportions. Blood and tears will no doubt be shed, as individual baristas compete for fabulous prizes and municipal bragging rights are established. Let's turn to the official Facebook … [Read more...]

Woodley Mammoth: Detour Sweeps CCBC

photo 2

From our "no longer breaking but not yet broken" file, Detour Coffee's Geoff Woodley picked up the gold in last weekend's 2012 Central Canadian Barista Champion. Detour and Te Aro were big winners on the coffee front, as all six of the CCBC finalists competed with their coffees. A huge congratulations to Mr. Woodley and all of the finalists. We … [Read more...]

ElectionWatch: Unfiltered! Mitt’s No-Caf Tip Gaffe


A strange tail out of Provo Canyon, Utah, where Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney chose not to tip his Borders Cafe barista, and instead offered her the rest of his half-guzzled hot chocolate. Blogs are buzzing! Baristas the world over are beefing! Seattle's very own The Stranger may not have a coffee columnist, but for today their … [Read more...]

Peter Giuliano Leaves Counter Culture: The First Interview


Peter Giuliano is one of the truly fascinating interview subjects in specialty coffee, something we've come to learn time and time again while writing Sprudge. But for this piece, we're going to get out of the way and let Mr. Giuliano speak. We sent him a series of questions upon learning of his departure from Counter Culture Coffee; here are his … [Read more...]

Peter Giuliano Steps Down From Counter Culture Coffee


Breaking for public consumption today, Peter Giuliano has officially stepped down from his position as Director of Coffee at Counter Culture Coffee. Mr. Giuliano has worked with the Durham, North Carolina specialty coffee roaster and wholesaler since 2000, during which time he's helped build a transparent supply chain of delicious coffees and … [Read more...]

New Intelli To Open In Chicago’s Logan Square


  Breaking via Eater Chicago, Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea are prepping to open what will be their 5th retail location in the Windy City. Located in the Logan Square neighborhood, this new shop might be located directly next to recently renovated Logan Square Theater, and may very well be taking over in place of the allegedly … [Read more...]

Cultural Imperialism, C’est Bon!


Who's that man up there? Why, that's just Randy Levine, author of the website Snob Coffery. Randy reviews coffees, talks about brew methods, riffs on life, has a neat section called "Missed Connections" about things that are happening in the coffee scene. Mr. Levine was recently interviewed by another great website called Corner of the Cafe. … [Read more...]

Shedding Light: What Your Coffee Order Says About You!

doubleshot authoress Eliza Light might very well be the finest blogger of our time. Ms. Light - a pseudonym, surely, as her presence beyond HowAboutWe is abjectly untraceable - is currently in the throws of a DiMaggio-esque blogging hit streak, penning timeless piece after timeless piece and being blogged and reblogged throughout the internet … [Read more...]

Specialty Delivery: Nerd Feels Need To Nip Nespresso


The above tweet sounded the alarms at the offices this morning. Is it Batman-esque coffee vigilantism? Or petty bourgeois elitist thuggery? Is this Specialty Eye For The Robusta Guy? Is stealing someone's order of Nespresso and replacing it with some Nekisse a good idea or a bad idea? A conservative idea or a liberal idea? Is this … [Read more...]

A Downtown Summer PDX Walkabout


It's summer in Portland! Let's go for a walk around all the new shops west of the river. There's the stunning new Sterling Coffee Roasters location in NW, the Case Study pop-up on Yamhill, Phuong Tran's bike-through espresso bar Maglia Rosa, Keith Miller and Mindy Farley's Red E Cafe counter in the EcoTrust building, and a soft-open first look at … [Read more...]

It’s The CCTOTD: July 20, 2012 [Video]

We continue our infinitely popular feature, the Coffee Confidential Tweet of the Day, Episode 3!  Sometimes new Twitter users come along and make a splash, or cause a stir, or make us want to jump for joy. But then there’s the truly special new Twitter users: the kind who capture your heart and melt your mind. Meet @CoffeeConfidant - a Sarasota, … [Read more...]

Seinfeld Gets Coffee With Larry David [Video]


Legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld has a brand-new web TV show called "Comedians In Cars Drinking Coffee". Each episode features a car from Seinfeld's storied collection of automobiles. The first episode features a flawless and fully restored 1952 Volkswagen Beetle. Auto-enthusiast blogs are having a field day listing off the classic cars spotted … [Read more...]

Wondwossen Wound Up On Ethiopian Economic Ethos


Wondwossen Mezlekia's coffee politics blog, Poor Farmer, has another damning piece on the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, this from a study commissioned by the Partnership Program between the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government and Wageningen UR: The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange cannot meet the demands of the high value markets, … [Read more...]