Rwanda Profiles: Buf Cafe, Remera Washing Station


The famed Buf Cafe washing station is high, high up in the mountains near the village of Karaba, in the Ginkongoro prefecture in south-central Rwanda. Buf's story has been told and told again in the specialty coffee industry, and for good reason: Epiphanie Muhirwa has become a superstar in global specialty, a living emblem of Rwandan economic … [Read more...]

Rwanda Profiles: Kinunu Washing Station, KZ Noir


In a week full of visits to gorgeous washing stations, the one at Kinunu, on the shores of Lake Kivu, is without a doubt the most dramatically beautiful. It sits on a sloping hillside that leads directly to the shores of Lake Kivu, an enormous inland lake that separates Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Jungle islands dot the … [Read more...]

Support Matt Call And Bring Him Justice


Several Sprudge readers have reached out to us over the last few days to voice their support for Matt Call, a Minneapolis barista who recently suffered serious injuries in a hit and run accident. There's a lot of kind words and calls for action coming from the MPLS specialty coffee community, and we want to use this post to amplify that sentiment … [Read more...]

Rwanda Profiles: Abahuzamugambi Cooperative


A classically lush and tropical washing station environment, Cyrumbo is one of four washing stations serviced by the Abahuzamugambi Coopeartive, with offices, accounting, and a community tech center in the village of Kissa. Kissa is located near the larger village of Maraba, which is often how coffee from this cooperative is labeled in the West, … [Read more...]

Rwanda Part 2 – Muzungu En Velo!


Data is a big deal in Rwanda. This place has effectively skipped land line culture, advancing from a very few, select telephone opportunities to a mighty glut of cell phones, and local data plan companies servicing those cell phones. They are in hot competition with each other, waging a marketing war on the canvas of the city of Kigali itself, as … [Read more...]

Rwanda Profiles: Dukunde Kawa Cooperative


First, to settle a discrepancy we've encountered back in North America: "Dukunde Kawa" is actually two words, and is printed as such on signage throughout the coooperative's Musasa washing station. We've occasionally seen it labeled "Dukendekawa" on packaging in the West, and that's how its printed on the entrance sign, but it was only done that … [Read more...]

Rwanda Profiles: Abakundakawa Cooperative


Deep in a valley down a hillside from the village of Musasa sits the Rusashi washing station, focal point for the Abakundakawa Cooperative. The Co-op began in 2005, and it currently serves 1961 member farmers; Aba's president is a gentleman named Jean Marie Kianey Bicamumakuba, and he presides over a 5 person board, a 3 person control council, a … [Read more...]

Complete WBC Rankings and Scores


Here's the complete scoring and rankings from throughout WBC 2012. Relive our non-stop competition coverage of finals here, coverage of semi-finals here, as well as exclusive complete recaps for day one and day two from Vienna. All Sprudge coverage from WBC 2012 made possible by direct support from Nuova Simonelli, with access provided by World … [Read more...]

Rwanda Part One: Primus Guma Guma Superstar


To be very clear from the get-go, we are not Rwanda experts, or East African specialty coffee experts, or travel experts or yellow fever inoculation experts. But we are most assuredly here, working from the Hotel des Mille Collines, which most of the world knows from the film "Hotel Rwanda" but is in actuality a lovely several-star luxury hotel … [Read more...]

Rwanda Profiles: Laetitia Mukandahiro


Specialty coffee is a woven tapestry of individuals, from roasters to baristas, producers to farmers. All week long we’ll be profiling personalities who work in the Rwandan specialty coffee industry. All from Rwanda coverage made possible by Fair Trade USA. Cupping with to Laetitia Mukandahiro is a bit like taking batting practice next to Joey … [Read more...]

Rwanda Profiles: Gilbert Gatali of KZ Noir


Specialty coffee is a woven tapestry of individuals, from roasters to baristas, producers to farmers. All week long we'll be profiling personalities who live and work in the Rwandan specialty coffee industry. Coverage made possible by Fair Trade USA. Gilbert Gatali is one of the first people we meet here in Rwanda, and that's no accident. Mr. … [Read more...]

Chicago: Intelli’s Gay Pride Wild Ride


For the second consecutive year, Intelligentsia Coffee celebrated Chicago gay pride by participating in the annual parade. This year, they upped their game from simply marching in the parade, spritzing cold brew into the mouths of thirsty passers by, to going full-on diva supernova with a fabulous float. A secret sexy source told Sprudge: "Our … [Read more...]

Sprudge In Rwanda


Currently en route from Rome via Brussels, Belgium, your editors will be reporting live all week long from the tiny, mountainous East African nation of Rwanda. Our itinerary - in concert with Fair Trade USA and Counter Culture Coffee - takes us from Kigali to Butare, and to around a half-dozen coffee cooperatives throughout Western … [Read more...]

San Francisco: Ritual’s Hiring For Wholesale

Ritual Coffee Roastery

Ritual Coffee Roasters are looking for "an enthusiastic, coffee-loving Wholesale Director". Just imagine...there you are, living in San Francisco, having lunch at Citizen's Band, dinner at Bar Agricole, wines at Terroir...all this can be yours, PLUS a bonus day off of work each year when Ritual sends a school bus down to the Southwest Regional … [Read more...]

Sydney: Mainstream Media Crowns Top Cafes


Here's the lead line from the Sydney Morning Herald's recent feature, "Sydney's hottest new cafes": Sydney’s café scene has never been so full of beans. Oof. But the list itself, from what we can suss out, is actually pretty great (if you ignore the subsequent reference to "sniffing out the La Marzocca" [sic]). It includes several roaster / … [Read more...]

China: 1st Annual Fushan Int’l Barista Championship!


Are you reading in China right now? If so, perhaps you'll be heading tomorrow to the 1st annual Fushan Cup International Barista Championship, happening June 22nd and 23rd at the Fushan Coffee Culture & Romance Town in Chengmai County, Hainan. The event itself occurs in collaboration with the 10th annual Hainan Yingbin Dragon Water … [Read more...]