Equal Exchange Ejaculates Editorial Edict


Drama: WEST BRIDGEWATER, MA―May 20, 2012―In a rare business-to-business plea Equal Exchange has released an open letter to Larry Blanford, the CEO of fellow New England specialty coffee company, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) in the form of a full-page color ad in today’s Sunday edition of the Burlington Free Press (Vermont) that strongly … [Read more...]

New Orleans: Brigade Coffee Scoots Around


Mama Nola, thy thirst coffee soul be fed. New Orleanians may have noticed a new coffee company cruising around NOLA in a Citroen H Van, French as hell and imported from Belgium. Brigade Coffee poured their first cups two weeks ago at The Company Burger, a very popular (four solid stars on Yelp) burger joint on Freret St. But what could be more … [Read more...]

These Mugs Are Some Serious Gourmet [Expletive Deleted]


The new hotness in discerning home-brew house wears come to us from Harald Johnsen Vøyle and Lars Kolstad Huse, a Norwegian artist, barista, and self-described "coffee geek" currently based in London. Mr. Huse has just released a new book, A-Z Coffee, an illustrated guide to coffee culture, and his website is a playground of caffeinated pop art, … [Read more...]

NYC: Bernie Down The House With This JoeED Lecture


Journey back in time on June 11th with Sprudge contributor and Joe NYC barista Alex Bernson, as he transports your imagination through the history of Western cafe culture, past and present. Featuring 21 unique slides and a unique design perspective, this lecture is a public expansion on Mr. Bernson's thesis dissertation at Wesleyan University, … [Read more...]

Seattle: Shooting Tragedy At Cafe Racer Espresso


Developing throughout the day on Seattle's local news networks, there is a gunman at large after a fatal shooting at Cafe Racer, a coffee shop / dive bar in Seattle's University District. The incident has already claimed the lives of two men, with three others in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center. For more, we turn to Kiro News, the … [Read more...]

Seattle: Sip Mierisch Farms With Caffe Ladro


This Thursday, May 31st, thirsty Seattleites and Pacific Northwesterners of all stripes would do well to hit up the Caffe Ladro location in Fremont, where from 6pm onward they'll be brewing up some special new arrivals from the Mierisch family farms in Nicaragua. The event is being held in conjunction with #TNTNW, sponsored by Espresso Parts and … [Read more...]

MPLS: Dogwood Magic Science Night!


Tonight, for one night only, coffee types and illusion-seekers from throughout the Twin Cities are invited to be amazed. Our friends at Dogwood Coffee are hosting what is perhaps the first-ever "Coffee Magic Science Night", courtesy of Jon Ferguson, our industry's foremost Mesmerist and reigning NC Brewers Cup champion. The city of Minneapolis may … [Read more...]

International Delight Recap: A Worldwide Whirlwind


On Friday, May 25th, a crowd of 80 some people gathered together at Handsome Coffee Roasters, in Downtown LA, for our third in a series of public cupping events. We reached out to dozens of roasters from around the world, and did they ever deliver. Wth cupping supplies and event sponsorship provided by Visions Espresso Supply, we were overjoyed to … [Read more...]

Hut, Hut, Heist! Ochocinco’s Starbucks Card Swiped

Pavlovian Greek tragedy from ESPN Boston, featuring America's foremost purveyor of lemon cake paired with America's foremost purveyor of touchdown antics: New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco said he was “not trippin’” about losing his wallet, credit cards, license and iPod when his SUV was broken into on Wednesday, but was … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Artifact Coffee, Baltimore


Summer is a GREAT time to put in all the schmuck work that goes into opening a new cafe. The long Home Depot days, the late paint fume nights, the quirky contractors, the hold-ups, the reclaimed lumber swap meets...it's a joyful mess, and we love it. All summer long we'll be featuring build outs and sneak peaks for fab new cafes around the … [Read more...]

Terror Diacetyl: The Coffee Flavoring Agent of Death


There could be a potentially dangerous additive in your flavored coffee. It opens up a pandora's box of questions about the FDA, their motives, and who controls them. The chemical in question doesn't even need to be listed on the ingredients list, as it falls under the baffling catch-all of "Natural Flavorings". And it's found in products up and … [Read more...]

Vietnamese Coffee On Boing Boing [Video]

Oh Boing Boing, you make The Internet fun. Case in point, check out this delightful Cafe Sua video posted today by Mark Frauenfelder, featuring some seriously awesome late-60s Thai acid jazz / Mor Lam fusion. The video employs some freeze-dried pre-ground from Trung-Nguyen, whom the videoist at HighBeamFilms calls "The Vietnamese Starbucks", but … [Read more...]

British Minis: Her Majesty, The Bean


DATELINE, ENGLAND: A renowned sculptor working exclusively in the medium of artisanal miniatures has finished his pièce de résistance, his magnum opus, his nonesuch nonpareil: a portrait of the Queen of England carved onto a coffee bean. In classical homage to the stately grandiosity of Lord Leighton, this celebration of the Queen's ongoing 2012 … [Read more...]

Hong Kong: Inside Rabbithole Roasters


The "Pop Culture Travel Guide" folks at Jaunted.com have a nifty little feature up on the Hong Kong cafe scene, and gosh by golly, do these shops look gorgeous. But one featured cafe in particular, Rabbithole Roasters, is unlike any coffee shop we've ever seen: nestled on the third floor of an office building, surrounded by escalators, this cafe … [Read more...]

Salt & Straw PDX: You Affogato Go To There


Fresh off their coronation at the hands of Oprah's minions, the popular Portland ice cream scoop shop Salt & Straw have opened their second location in Portland's Alphabet District. Why are we writing about it? Because this time around, S&S owner Kim Malek has put into place a pretty serious coffee program, with Stumptown espresso, whole … [Read more...]