Ninth Street Imports Prufrock’s Menu


Ken Nye has brought Gwilym Davie's progressive espresso menu to his three cafes in New York City. From Ninth Street's website: In 2005 we introduced a purist approach to the espresso menu by offering only seven traditional drinks. Now, we want to take this another step further by getting away from the descriptives that seem to cause more … [Read more...]

Nordicleak: NBC Speaker List Exclusive!


Our crack team of interns have gained access to the most sought-after list of speakers at the hottest Scandinavian coffee event: The Nordic Barista Cup. Past presenters at the NBC have represented the brightest and best in the industry. For three days, guests are taken through a series of lectures, roundtable discussions, seminars, and team … [Read more...]

Red Dye Number Ew: Starbugs Eats The Beetles


Starbucks is getting loads of unwanted attention from the MSM, due to the addition of cochineal beetles in the (very long) ingredients list for their processed strawberry frappuccino goo. Vegetarians are bleeding from their eyes, vegans are screeching and screeching, Muslims and kosher Jews finally have a common enemy, and cats and dogs are getting … [Read more...]

Colombiana! A Sprudge Cupping Event In Seattle


It's been a few weeks since we held our first public cupping event, "Rwandalust", and we're still buzzing with how much fun that night turned out to be. More than 40 people joined us in Portland at the Stumptown Annex, to taste and chat about more than a dozen Rwandan coffees from roasters across the USA. It was an unmitigated hoot - so much so … [Read more...]

LM Texas Road Show: The Dallas Stars!

kent_bakke co-founder and writer Jordan Michelman is embedded with the La Marzocco Road Show crew as they tour the great state of Texas. Follow along as they tour Houston, Austin, Dallas, and all points in between all week long. Live from a moving vehicle, speeding down I-35 E towards Austin... Last night was the second in a series of three … [Read more...]

Exclusive: OCR’s “From The Source” [Video]

Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. - 60 Second Spot from Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. on Vimeo. Above is a stunning new short film from Olympia Coffee Roasting and Voortex Productions, a beautiful look at the washing process, the farmers, and the farmland of Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. Best of all, it features a full list of the featured … [Read more...]

The BCRBC Finalists: Video, Words, Photos


All coverage of the BCRBC made possible by direct support from Counter Culture Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, and Alterra Coffee. When you support these companies, you support Sprudge. We had a chance to sit down with this year's North and South Central barista finalists between sets on Finals Sunday, and ask them about their presentation, their … [Read more...]

Win Coffee, Write For Free With “Trazzler”

Dead End Job

Writers and photographers, help Trazzler by making one of 41 original pieces of content about coffee shops around the country. They won't pay you, they might not choose your work, but if it is chosen, you'll get a pound of Ritual Coffee from San Francisco. That's almost $20 worth of coffee! See? It's a contest! Get writing! The deadline is … [Read more...]

Marcus Boni Announces Departure


USBC superstar, SCAA and BGA Director of Community Development, Sprudgie Award Winner, Kangoo Master, and all around fantastic man Marcus Boni has announced that May 18 will be his final day on the job with the SCAA. In a letter addressed to Barista Guild members, Marcus writes: It is with a very heavy heart I announce that I will be moving on … [Read more...]

LM Texas Road Show: Houston Report

-1 co-founder and writer Jordan Michelman is embedded with the La Marzocco Road Show crew as they tour the great state of Texas. Follow along as they tour Houston, Austin, Dallas, and all points in between all week long. The city of Houston is not boots and barbecue. It is not George Bush Jr., or 10 gallon cowboy hats. Houston is dim … [Read more...]

Houston: La Marzocco Wants To Party


Tonight! Monday, March 26th at 4pm, the La Marzocco Texas Roadshow kicks off in Houston. This evening's event is hosted by Greenway Coffee and Fusion Beans, and will be held at The Hay Merchant (1100 Westheimer Road), in Houston's bustling Montrose district. This place is a very serious beer joint, so all in attendance are sure to be in a good … [Read more...]

The Ryan King: MadCap’s Knapp Wins NC


Ryan Knapp is your 2012 North Central Regional Barista champion! This is a repeat victory for Mr. Knapp, who won this event in 2011 as well. Ryan Knapp is a roaster and co-founder of MadCap Coffee, and hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He'll go on to compete in the 2012 USBC event in Portland, Oregon; his victory in Chicago this weekend earns him … [Read more...]

Lorenzo Of Arabica: Cuvee’s Perkins Wins SC


Cuvee Coffee's Lorenzo Perkins is your 2012 South Central Regional Barista champ! Mr. Perkins was the South Central winner in 2010, and placed in the finals in 2011, both while competing for Cafe Medici. This is his first win for Cuvee Coffee, a boutique roaster located in Austin, Texas. Congratulations, Lorenzo! Here's your top 3 finishers from … [Read more...]

Independent’s Day: NC Brewers Cup Champ


Jon Ferguson is your 2012 North Central Brewers Cup winner! Mr. Ferguson is an independent competitor hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska; this is the only victory for an independent in the 2012 USBC and Brewers Cup cycle. Here's your top 3 from the North Central Brewers Cup: 3rd: Miranda Johnson, MadCap Coffee, Grand Rapids, Michigan 2nd. … [Read more...]

We Marquard, We Play Hard: SC Brewers Cup


Mike Marquard is your 2012 SC Brewers Cup champ! Mr. Marquard competes on behalf of Half & Half, a restaurant and coffee bar in suburban St. Louis. Here's the top three from this year's South Central Brewers Cup: 3rd. Andrew Iwerson, The Roasterie, Kansas City, MO 2nd. Lorenzo Perkins, Cuvee Coffee, Austin, Texas 1st. Mike Marquard, … [Read more...]