Counter Culture Cupping Event – 6 Cities, One Cupping


A brief glimpse into the Socratic method... Socrates: My pupils, pretend for a moment that there's a coffee cupping and education session you wish to attend, but alas, the event is being staged in a far-flung province. How does one still experience the knowledge? Unnamed pupil: Maybe the company putting on that cupping is cool enough to … [Read more...]

MadCap Espresso At The End Of The World [Video]

Here's another gorgeous video from MadCap Coffee and Hybrid Media, a step-by-step easy guide on how to brew coffee at home. Seriously, if all those empty expensive uber-condos dotting America's urban landscape came with home espresso set-ups like that - La Marzocco GS3, Mazzer Robur-E, dope knock box, Third Coast blend - we'd have already signed a … [Read more...]

Coffee Common Updates Via Coffee Common

Sweet CC LM GB5.

Coffee Common is happening right now as we live and breathe, providing exemplary service and education to the muckity-mucks and wonkabouts of TED 2012. Updates are pouring in from CC's blog team, with whom you can stay abreast by visiting the official Coffee Common website here. Up top are some of our favorite images thus far, stolen with impunity … [Read more...]

Kees Machine For Safehouse Fundraiser


Some seriously heavy hitters - Square Mile, Prufrock Coffee, CoffeeHit, Has Bean and more - are gathering together this Wednesday, February 29th to raise money for the guys at Safehouse Coffee in Georgia, in the wake of their fire tragedy. We chatted with the Safe House folks at the SERBC in Atlanta, and their rebuilding phase still had a long ways … [Read more...]

The Many Judging Faces of Dan Streetman


Aside from our regular coverage responsibilities at NERBC, we couldn't help but occasionally point the lens towards our friend, judge Dan Streetman. He is a man of many faces, and hopefully we've captured all of them here. We love you, Dan, and the community loves you more. Enjoy! "This routine greatly pleases me." "This routine … [Read more...]

NERBC Finals Sunday In Words And Pictures


Our 2012 NERBC coverage made possible by Dallis Bros. Coffee. Jordan Barber of Third Rail Coffee / Citizen Of The World - Mr. Barber finaled in both the Brewers Cup and Barista Competitions this weekend, and was enormously impressive in both. More than a few folks on the livestream predicted a Devin Chapman "Winner, Winner" scenario, and we … [Read more...]

Counter Culture Coffee’s Carguilo Wins NERBC


Katie Carguilo of Counter Culture Coffee is your 2012 NERBC champion! Katie works for the New York office of Counter Culture; this is her second regional win, her first coming in the Mid-Atlantic Region in 2007. Katie will continue on to compete in Portland, OR for the USBC this April. Here's the top three from this year's NERBC: 1. Katie … [Read more...]

Barber Shears Competition At NE Brewers Cup!


Jordan Barber is your 2012 NE Brewers Cup champion! He won competing with Kenya Kieni coffee roasted by Coffee Collective. He'll go on to compete in the national Brewers Cup championship in Portland, Oregon. He gets to take home a brand spanking new Baratza Vario W! Here's your top three from the Brewers Cup in New York City: 1. Jordan Barber, … [Read more...]

NERBC & Brewers Cup Finals Schedule


  COMPETITION BEGINS AT NOON SUNDAY 2/26   Your 2012 NERBC finalists are... 1. Jordan Barber, Third Rail, NYC @thirdrailcoffee 2. Park Brannen, Handsome Coffee Roasters, NYC @jparkbrannen 3. Brandon Duff, RBC, NYC @thebrandonduff 4. Katie Carguilo, Counter Culture Coffee, NYC @katiecarguilo 5. Brian Gelletly, … [Read more...]

Think Coffee Offers NERBC Origin Prize


Here ye, here ye, handed to Sprudge directly by Think Coffee themselves on the busy floor of the NERBC, comes this stunning announcement of small business generosity and competition reward: Think Coffee is pleased to offer an all-expenses paid trip to origin with Think's Farmer Relations Manager, Matt Fury, to the second place winner of the NERBC … [Read more...]

Liveblogging the #NERBC: Day One Part 1


Our coverage made possible by Dallis Bros. Coffee. The NERBC is live as hell! Reporting from the 11th floor midtown Manhattan, with a stunning skyline as our backdrop. You can play along via Twitter by following the hashtag #NERBC, or keep up to date here with our liveblog. Newest posts at the bottom! Urban Eisley, Ports Coffee NYC - … [Read more...]

New Feature! NERBC By The Numbers


A very special countdown for the 2012 NERBC... … [Read more...]

NYC Everything: Your Guide to 2012 NERBC

New York City. From Jay-Z to Fievel Mousekewitz, it has been a land of challenge, opportunity, and promise, a place where young men and women go to make a name, achieve their dreams, and conquer the world. Whether you're stuck on the Columbia campus, scared to go below 34th Street, too hip to go above East 14th Street, or emotionally unable to … [Read more...]

NERBC Quick Reference Schedule


Barista Competition schedule for Day One of NERBC. Saturday, February 25th - 28 Competitors beginning at 8am EST. 1. 8:00 Urban Eisley, Ports Coffee & Tea, NYC @portsnyc 2. 8:19 Rose-Emma Lunderman, Root Hill Cafe, NYC @relunderma 3. 8:38 Tamara Vigil, Irving Farm Coffee, Millerton, New York @tamakinsneb 4. 8:57 Cara Vincente, Think … [Read more...]

NE Brewers Cup Quick Reference Schedule


Brewers Cup competition schedule the Northeast Region. Saturday, February 25th - 12 Competitors total, competition begins at 1pm. 1. 1:00 Jonathan Knaup, Ceremony Coffee Roasters, Anapolis, MD @ceremonycoffee 2. 1:08 Brady Guinn, Pavement Coffeehouse, Boston @BtheCoffee 3. 1:16 Anna Utevsky, Joe, NYC @autevsky 4. 1:24 Tyler Barker, … [Read more...]