Fire Destroys Safehouse Coffee & Tea


Griffin, Georgia's Safehouse Coffee & Tea caught fire last night. You can help support the rebuild by donating here. Owner Hunt Slade writes via Facebook: To all of our friends and family that share in the loss of our beloved shop this evening to fire - thank you all so much for your support and encouragement. The worst site tonight was not the … [Read more...]

Coffee Common x TED Call For Roasters


Roasters of the world - are you single and looking? What if we told your dream account was just one click away? This your chance to rep your coffee company in a one-of-a-kind setting: the upcoming Coffee Common service at TED 2012. Your coffee will be served by some of the best baristas on earth. Violinists, political prisoners, brain scientists, … [Read more...]

PDX: EPNW Maintenance and Repair Class


This Friday, February 3rd there's a most excellent event being offered by long-time Sprudge sponsors Espresso Parts NW. This is a ground-level, top-to-bottom comprehensive one day course, aimed to arm the working barista, the cafe owner, or the machine head super nerd with everything he or she might need to take their espresso machine maintenance … [Read more...]

Meet Cuppow: The Sippy Lid To Go!

Mason jars are the eco-conscious choice du jour for the hippy-dippy to-go set. When 1/2 of Sprudge briefly lived in Olympia, all the bus-riding granola crunch Evergreen cookies would knit a quirky cozy for their jars; nowadays you can dress yours up in a leather cuff (so butch). Mason jars are very "in", but there's just one problem: that … [Read more...]

NWRBC Day Three: Tweets, Gifs, Love


Welcome to a compendium of videos, photos, and curated live tweets from the penultimate day of the 2012 Northwest Regional Barista Competition. But first, if we may: We've received an outpouring of support and thanks for our coverage of the 2012 NWRBC. Your kind words mean the world to us. It was an honor and a privilege to cover this event, and … [Read more...]

Coava’s Chapman Is NWRBC Champ, Man


For the first time ever, the same competitor has won a Regional Barista and Brewers Cup event. It's Devin Chapman of Coava Coffee Roasters, in Portland, Oregon. Devin repeats his Brewers Cup win from 2011. This is his first #NWRBC win. Devin will represent Portland on his home turf this April, when the SCAA brings the United States Barista … [Read more...]

NWRBC Day Two: Clips, Pics, and Tweets


From videos, photos and more than a hundred live-tweets, here's a curated look back at day two of the Northwest Regional Barista Competition in Tacoma, Washington. 11:22AM #nwrbc live tweets! let us clog your twitter feed ALL DAY LONG. @tyler_stevens is up first, starting now 11:23AM @tyler_stevens is groovin' mellow to the band's "get up, … [Read more...]

Rap Anthems For Your NWRBC Saturday Night

While we're waiting for the official jam to drop from the #TacomaByStorm crew, here's some bumps for your iPhone drive through Tacoma tonight. Sourced with much respect and thanks by Sprudge pal and fellow Curtis High School alumni Michael Gardiner. Brass Capone - "City of Tac" [youtube]AlBAS8Ii-v0[/youtube] Fice - "Two Five … [Read more...]

NWRBC and Brewers Cup Finals Schedule


Barista Competition (all times PST): 1. 10:30AM Tyler Stevens, Barista, PDX 2. 10:50AM Collin Schneider, Sterling Coffee Roasters, PDX 3. 11:10AM Sam Purvis, Coava, PDX 4. 11:30AM Laila Ghambari, Stumptown Coffee Roaster, PDX 5. 11:50AM Marty Lopes, Barista, PDX 6. 12:10PM Devin Chapman, Coava, PDX Six competitors, beginning at 10:30 … [Read more...]

Your NWRBC Barista and Brewer Finalists


NWRBC 2012 Barista Finalists - It's a Portland blowout! Tyler Stevens, Barista Sam Purvis, Coava Marty Lopes, Barista Collin Schneider, Sterling Coffee Roasters Laila Ghambari, Stumptown Coffee Roasters Devin Chapman, Coava NWRBC 2012 Brewers Finalists - It's an OCR blowout! Devin Chapman, Coava Oliver Stormshak, Olympia Coffee … [Read more...]

NWRBC Sponsor Roll Call From Unofficial Media

City-with-Art is luckily and humbly powered by some truly fantastic sponsors, many of whom have done their part to bring you this year's NWRBC. We'll take a second to shout them out for you as the NWRBC afternoon rolls on, so thanks so much to Sprudge and NWRBC sponsors Urnex / Puro, Curtis, Espresso Parts, TruBru, Cafe Imports, and Natvia "Send Me … [Read more...]

NWRBC: Interviews, Flavor Notes, Gianni

We had the opportunity to sit down with Michael "Panda" Fernandez of Espresso Parts, Collin Schneider of Sterling Coffee Roasters and Will Frith of Olympia Coffee Roasters. We'll be hanging out with folks all weekend at the glorious Greater Tacoma Convention Center in fabulous Western Washington. … [Read more...]

#YesEqual: Homophobes Attack Starbucks


Right now the fight is ON in Washington State for some pending gay marriage legislation. And guess who's on board with the moral support? Those big bunch of queens at Starbucks corporate. Here's a quote from Karen Holmes, Starbucks Executive VP: Starbucks is proud to join other leading Northwest employers in support of Washington State … [Read more...]

NWRBC Day One: Tweets, Photos, Animated GIFs

"First class is NOT in row 29."

Here's a running archive of our live-tweet coverage, animated gifs and photos from NWRBC 2012, in sunny, chilly, stinky Tacoma, WA: [Ed. note: we were just a few steps behind due to the vagaries of I-5 travel (and one Sprudge editor's increasingly neurotic highway speed phobia), and so our tweets start with the third competitor of the day, Panda … [Read more...]