Freudian Press: Sexiest French Press Ever?


  Spotted via Joe barista and Sprudge pal Alex Berson, this French press from the design mavens at Freud is fearsome, beautiful, and oh-so butch. Details come courtesy of the boutique design retailers at Horne, whose website you should be surfing: Freud's stainless steel collection relies on expert workmanship, skills in crafting metal, … [Read more...]

List-Hysteria: Year In Review Revue


It's that time of year - it's time when journalists both old and young cannot resist the urge nor deny the editorial mandate to publish "Year in Review" features on coffee. We'll be rodeo wranglin' them all up for you here in this post, but here's what we have so far! Feel free to write in with lists you've spotted to … [Read more...]

Nothing Sexier Than A Barista Who Listens


From our "Late Night Basic Cable TV" desk comes this coffee-themed commercial for Live Links, spotted while flipping back and forth between an episode of "Cheaters" and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". In case you didn't know, Live Links is telephone-based dating service, describing itself as "A fun and easy way to meet singles in your … [Read more...]

Slow News Day: In Caffeine We Trust


Meet "In Caffeine We Trust", the mother of all coffee infographics from the designers at Column Five. They've conjured up a somewhat handy-dandy way to track your personal caffeine consumption, complete with country of origin passport stamps, methods, coffee "strength," and time of consumption info banks. Best of all, you can indicate your … [Read more...]

Inside The Stumptown Christmas Party

Bacchanal Yearbook.

What follows is an unfettered look inside the 2011 Stumptown Christmas Party, set at the Ace Hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon. Both founding members of were in attendance, accompanied by their respective Plus Ones. All illustrations and observations are original. This piece does not represent the official opinion of Stumptown Coffee … [Read more...]

Fringe of the Tropics: California Grown Coffee


This feature comes from our "Not New News, But Still Interesting" desk - California coffee is no passing fad, confined merely to the kitchens of Finca La West Oakland. A farm near Santa Barbara, featured by the LA Times and elsewhere, is producing coffee with some interesting attachments and mysterious endorsements. Jay Ruskey (of Good Land … [Read more...]

Schmuck Of The Week: Smucker’s Transparency


Your Schmuck of the Week is J.M. Smuckers, the new father of Folgers. According to this feature from Coffee Habitat, Mr. Smuckers presides over the most unsustainable canned coffee in America, available on the shelves of every last Safeway, Publix, Giant Eagle, or even the dreaded Piggly Wiggly. Since acquiring Folgers from Procter and … [Read more...]

Wondwossen Wonders Why Bladdergate Burst


Controversial on the message boards but always prepared with comment, our favorite Ethiopian blogger out of Seattle - Wondwossen Mezlekia - has penned another glorious piece about the the Bladdergate fiasco of 2011. Here's his eloquent take on how it all went down: Last month, coffee buyers across the globe had a rare glimpse into Ethiopians' day … [Read more...]

Primo Passo: Mystery In Santa Monica


  From the hush-hush world of Southern California openings comes word of a new coffee company, slated for the eagerly-awaited Sorpasso restaurant project in Santa Monica. Called "Primo Passo Coffee Co.", they're set to be housed in Sorpasso's primo (ahem) location on Montana and 7th, designed by the noted indoor/outdoor wonks at Ralph … [Read more...]

Brooklyn Based Craft Coffee Gets Bust’d

Photo by Jonathan Meter for Bite Sized Blog

Coming in via the "Blogs Read By Cool Girls We Know" desk, Molly Simms of Bust Magazine has written a glowing little write-up of Craft Coffee, a NYC-based specialty coffee subscription service who we feel are among the best in the business. Carefully curated under the knowing nose of Sam Lewontin (also of Everyman Espresso, interviewed … [Read more...]

LA Weekly’s Tien Nguyen Does Tonx


LA Weekly blogger Tien Nguyen has quietly emerged as one of America's top mainstream media coffee writers, and her timing couldn't be better: the coffee scene in Los Angeles is in a state of ongoing eruption, Kiluaeu-like, spewing plumes of quality and innovation into the specialty coffee atmosphere. Nguyen's latest article is a profile and … [Read more...]

Coffee: The Musical at Coffee: The Fest?


Spotted via the Barista Magazine Facebook feed: "Coffee Fest will host a special presentation of “A Café Performance of Songs and Scenes from Coffee The Musical” at Coffee Fest New York, March 9-11. With its goal set firmly on landing on Broadway in the 2012-2013 season, the cast of Coffee The Musical will offer a special preview of the … [Read more...]

Say Hello To The OTHER Handsome Coffee


Handsome Coffee Roasters have had a busy first 9 months:  2011 saw the former Intelli gents met with fanfare, acclaim, major media coverage, mockery, and the blogatorial implication they're The Backstreet Boys of coffee. And you know that saying, about how imitation is the highest form of flattery? Meet Handsome Coffee Company, of Albany, … [Read more...]

Espresso Art: Some For Drink, Some For Ink


Dirceu Veiga is a designer who lives and works in the Brazilian city of Curitiba. Though he designs graphics, icons and caricatures, his paintings made from 100% espresso in lieu of ink are what caught our attention. From his website, which you can access here: Instead of traditional paint, I use only 100% coffee in his paintings. Understandably, … [Read more...]