Very Last Call: A Final Shot To Hunk!


TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR HUNKSHOT SUBMISSIONS!!! It's like the last day of school, the last day of summer camp, the last day of the SCAA Tradeshow, the last day of Camp Pull-A-Shot...You've been waiting to make your move and you're running out of time! SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: HUNKS@SPRUDGE.COM Don't be shy boys, this is all going to a great … [Read more...]

An End To Lot Separation In Ethiopia?


Tuesday Update [12/6 1:55 PM PST] Two worthwhile developments to share with you today: We've long been following the work of Wondwossen Mezlekia - both for his literally wonderful name and his work at Poor Farmer, a polemical Seattle-based coffee blog that covers Ethiopian coffee news with a watchful, at times controversial eye. Anyone reading … [Read more...]

Stumptown’s Colombia Source Trip


If you missed last Sunday's screening of Stumptown's latest source trip film in Portland, we have it right here. Trevor Fife and Autumn Campbell have been producing knock-out short films for Stumptown for years and the latest feature (a solo piece from Trevor) is stunning. From Stumptown's website: Over the last several months, Stumptown has … [Read more...]

Andrew Barnett Unloads On Restaurant Coffee


One of the kindest folks in coffee, Andrew Barnett of Ecco Caffe, recently spoke to SF Weekly about what he feels is the current state of restaurant coffee: Restaurants aren't held accountable for their coffee by critics in the same way as a weak link like a wine program or service. Coffee is the last thing you taste at a restaurant, and there's … [Read more...]

SF: Nerd Out At The BACP Book Club


Nerd Alert! The second Bay Area Coffee People Book Club is meeting up tonight at Sightglass Coffee! Come! Nerd out! It's gonna be really cool! We swear! Exclamation points! This really does look like it's going to be worth your time. One of very few coffee community-type events in the Bay Area, the BACP Book Club is shaping up to be a really … [Read more...]

Knoxious Gas: Kevin Does LA And HATES It


The overall feeling here is of a place long on attitude and short on product knowledge (pretentious menu descriptions notwithstanding), though I have no doubt that customers paying more for a simple cup of coffee than a sane person would pay for a full pound feel they’re drinking the very best. Kevin Knox has penned a scathing piece on his … [Read more...]

Now Watching: Trabocca Ethiopia Video

Check out this video from Direct Trade champions Trabocca. It's a primer on the specialty coffee industry in Ethiopia and the scenery, sights and sounds are extremely beautiful. Have a watch, do your best to overcome the possibly-robotic bland lady narration, and spot some familiar farms (hey, there's Tega, we remember drinking you at Stumptown!) … [Read more...]

Kees Study: Spirit Launch Party At Prufrock London


London, hold on to your mackintosh. Saturday, December 3rd marks your chance to get a first look at the all-new Kees van der Westen Spirit prototype. Better yet, you're graciously invited to do so at a gala bacchanalia hosted by Prufrock Coffee in their London Barista Resource and Training centre (!), located at 23-25 Leather Lane (!!) EC1N. The … [Read more...]

The Espretsy Holiday Gift Guide


Welcome to "Espretsy",'s exclusive holiday gift guide to the weird, great and just-gotta-have-it coffee products of! It's no secret - Etsy is the world's favorite internet depot of handcrafted crap. You didn't know you needed this stuff, but Etsy can do it all, offering a one-stop showcase for the Internet Generation's … [Read more...]

Great Coffee Moments In Football History


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As many of you may know, coffee and Thanksgiving were inextricably linked from the very beginning. Since the time of Squanto, when the Pequot and Wampanoag tribes made pour overs for the Pilgrim settlers, delicious cups of coffee have been part of the Thanksgiving experience throughout American history. What you … [Read more...]

Update! “New Edition” On Extra Specialty Coffee


This just in! We just happened upon the latest episode of the French chat-show "New Edition", and it features New York Time's Oliver Strand, the many hunky dreamboats of Frog Fight, outrageous outfits and questionable latte art pours in a big five-minute piece about the burgeoning extra-specialty coffee scene in Paris. But honestly, we can't … [Read more...]

The Long And Winding Rodas: Felicidades Tigre!

(Photo credit: Lourdes Salvatierra via Facebook)

Well good hot damn, we're a day or two of jet lag and flu medication behind on this one, but Raul Rodas has done it again! "El Tigre" has won the Guatemalan Barista Championship for an astounding fourth time, securing his spot in the 2012 Vienna WBC. Raul last competed at the World Barista Championship in London in 2010, where he finished 2nd … [Read more...]

A DIY Guerilla Coffee Thanksgiving

A blade grinder, a flat bottom filter, a cone Melitta and great coffee!

As we here in the USA look forward to a Thanksgiving week of trips, flights and schlepps, there is one constant that unites us all: as a "coffee person", it will undoubtedly fall upon you to make a nice cup or two (or 4 or 8 or 30) for the folks with whom you're sharing the stuffing. We here at certifiably love Thanksgiving - what's not … [Read more...]

Exclusive: Espresso Parts Free Shipping!


Every barista, shop owner, erstwhile coffee dork and industry professional has a wishlist for this holiday season. Next week, on "Cyber Monday", Espresso Parts will be offering their first-ever free shipping special. Free shipping across the USA for orders over $49. So if you've been drooling over a real-deal home espresso machine (say, the La … [Read more...]

Go To Vienna For Free, No Really, Not Joking


Think it's too early to start game planning for WBC 2012 in Vienna? Think again. National competitions all around the world are already in the books, with America's regionals only a few short months away. Maybe you're saying to yourself, "Who, me? Vienna? Yeah right. What do I look like, Brent Fortune? I could never afford to get there in a million … [Read more...]

NYC: Dallis Bros. Coffee Holiday Pop-Up


Nothing goes better with your holiday cheer and the impending rush of yuletide commerce than a nice cup of fancy coffee. That's why Sprudge sponsor Dallis Bros. have opened a 7-days a week pop-up cafe right in the heart of Manhattan, at the annual Union Square Holiday Market. From the Dallis Bros. website: You’ll find us just under the statue of … [Read more...]