Kopi Luw-ACCK: Just Say Philippi-No


Production of Kopi Luwak is gaining popularity in the Philippines. Laaaaame: "Never in our dreams did we suspect that we could make money out of them," said Montenegro, 44, who switched a few years ago from picking ripe cherries on coffee trees to gathering the undigested seeds excreted on the forest floor. Montenegro and Reyes belong to a … [Read more...]

IntelliLA: Producers Visit Baristas


DEEP BREATH.   Here we are at Intelli Venice, alongside 60-some producers, with speed metal on the stereo and Doug and Geoff and Stephen playing air traffic controllers and that Terry Ziniewicz custom four group La Marzocco GS2 taking up the length of its own island in the work zone/war zone, where the baristas are making affogatos, … [Read more...]

IntelliLA: ECW International Roast-Off


Day two of Intelligentsia's Extraordinary Coffee Workshop keeps on keeping on, with this morning's focus placed squarely on roasting. As such, there's a pretty fascinating scene going on outside: Christian, Gabe and Mike (the three roasters of the Intelli apocalypse) lead 3 teams of ECW guests, working in the open air on a row of two kilo … [Read more...]

Man To Handcraft Shot In Every NYC Starbucks


A New York City man has declared his goal to "dial in" at every Starbucks bathroom in the city. Taiwanese 3D animation wizards have already made a video, the news has spread like a wildfire on the blogosphere, and Gawker has all the details: Mister PeePee is very enthusiastic about checking into Starbucks on 4Square and talking sex talk on … [Read more...]

SprudgeTips: Use Your Scace Correctly

According to a recent Sprudge survey, coffee professionals use their Scace device incorrectly 99% of the time. "I just stick my Scace up in them groups and that's my temperature, right?" WRONG. Read this eleven page guide brought to you by Gregory "The Face" Scace, Barry "Sorbet" Jarrett, Bill "Christ On A" Crossland and John "Slippy" Sanders. This … [Read more...]

It’s Complicated: Klatch Breaks Up With FAF


Mike Perry of Klatch Roasting has penned a public blog post about ending his company's relationship with Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza. From Sao Paulo we traveled to Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF), home of the Bob-O-Link. Unfortunately this was a sad and disappointing visit. We were told by owner Marcos Croce that the high quality Bob-O-Link … [Read more...]

Video: Camp Pull-A-Shot In Two Words

The April and Jason Dominy power couple have produced a video from the canyons of El Capitan. April asked all the campers to describe Camp Pull-A-Shot in two words. All of our favorite campers are there: that cute boy-hunk from Tennessee, that hunky man hunk from Seattle, the big bear Louie Poore hunk, the smaller cub mini Louie Poore hunk, the … [Read more...]

IntelliLA: The ECW Cupping Table


After a series of presentations at Intelli Pasadena, we've changed locales to the Intelli roast works in nearby Glendale. Producers from around the world started by cupping five different coffees, ranging on a scale from "UNACCEPTABLE" to "OOH, DAMN GIRL." For some, this was their very first time cupping coffees. You're joining Sprudge … [Read more...]

IntelliLA: Extraordinary Coffee Workshop


Pasadena, California: Here on historic Colorado Avenue, Sprudge.com is live from Intelligentsia's Extraordinary Coffee Workshop - an event that defies easy categorization, and demands full attention. Exporters, agronomists, millers and farmers from Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Bolivia, Peru, and … [Read more...]

The Real Housewives of Camp Pull-A-Shot

photo 3

As our faithful crew of campers departed, another crew arrived to occupy the canyons of El Capitan, armed with big dreams, big ideas and even bigger fake breasts. That's right - as the final gaggle of campers prepared to leave for the airport, "The Real Housewives of Orange County" showed up at camp. Bedazzled in jewelry and Fake-Tan, the ladies … [Read more...]

Ferocious Puma, Fearsome Catamount

photo 1

The woods north of Goleta, California are full to the brim with wildlife. Some, like the frogs, bunnies, deer, owls and wily foxes we saw during our time there pose no threat to man (even at his most vulnerable, i.e., drunk and confused and wandering back towards the Adventure Yurt without a flashlight at around 1:15 am). But some creatures of the … [Read more...]

Pull-A-Shot: Sexy #bgacamp Secrets Exposed…


An afternoon constitutional through the canyons of El Capitan yielded this charming doozy... If this bunk's-a-sockin', don't come a knockin'! But who's responsible for this Flirt Yurt? Seth Lester tweeted, "That's my cabin, isn't it? Gee whiz, I wish I were there instead of teaching this stupid class!" Meanwhile, Julia Barber twatted "That's my … [Read more...]

Continued Rains Bedevil Latin America


We take a quick break from the hijinks and bonhomie of Camp Pull-A-Shot to update you on the ongoing devastation in Latin America. No fewer than 5 tropical storms and two official hurricanes have recently decimated the region. Initial estimates in El Salvador suggested that the loss to the 2011-2012 coffee harvest would be in the ballpark of … [Read more...]