Shock and Yawn: Gay Coffee Debuts In San Francisco


The Castro District, once home to an empowering queer movement, home to inspirational figures like Harvey Milk, is now home to a bunch of faux-camp and kitch knick knack companies looking to make a buck. Enter Gay Coffee, debuting this weekend at the Castro Street Fair, a company that names its blends after cliched gay caricatures and … [Read more...]

Anderson: The Future Of New Orleans Coffee!

Anderson Stockdale and Mud Bug - File Photo

Our dear friend Anderson Stockdale just received a phone call from the fabulous Marcus Boni congratulating her on winning the fabulous BGA/BMag Camp Pull-A-Shot Video Scholarship. Anderson is such a wonderful advocate for quality coffee in New Orleans and we couldn't be happier for her! Congratulations, Anderson! See you at camp! … [Read more...]

Castillo, Chemicals, Or Management?


How do you avoid coffee rust, avoid chemicals and maintain or increase production? Easy answer: planting Castillo coffee. Twitter conversation going on right now with Tim Wendelboe and Colombian coffee exporters Virmax. @timwendelboe's opening tweet: "Farmers in Nariño plant castillo because they have to. The Caturra trees die from leaf … [Read more...]

Anderson Cooper Disses Coffee On Cable TV


Anderson Cooper, that hunky silver fox, tries coffee for the first time ever on his fluffy daytime talk-show and goes diva supernova. He also tries, for the first time in his life, spinach and brussel sprouts. Well, who the hell knows where his  coffee came from but jeez-louise! That spinach looked overdone and the brussel sprouts looked awful. Who … [Read more...]

You Can’t Smell Sweet


As we were preparing for a cupping yesterday, an interesting conversation arose while we were taking in the dry fragrance of some Kenya microlots. You can't  smell sweet. Things also don't smell sour, bitter, salty, or umami. These five cardinal tastes are things that we perceive with our tastebuds. Our nose, however, is picking up aromatics that … [Read more...]

Deep Dish: Strada EP In Chicago


Tomorrow, September 29th, National Coffee Day (and 1/2 of's birthday) is a chance for you Chicagoans to get your paws on the Strada EP. Event happens at the Counter Culture Coffee Chicago training lab, 177 North Ida, Unit 106 and runs from 6pm to 9pm. Facebook info here.  Eat some deep dish pizza for us. … [Read more...]

Conversación Con Alejandro Mendez, Barista Champion Dal Mundo!

alejandro recently attended the Soyuz Coffee Roasting pop-up cafe in Red Square, staffed by 7 National Champion baristas from around the world. We’ve profiled each of the champions, and we're wrapping things up today by featuring Alejandro Mendez, Barista Champion of El Salvador and current reigning World Barista Champion. Though … [Read more...]

Sprudgesclusive Scoop: Sources Indicate Location of MadCap 2.0


A bi-coastal bevy of sources, each more connected and trusted than the last, have intimated to that MadCap Coffee's eagerly awaited 2nd location will be... That's right, enormous stolen postcard image, the new MadCap space will open in Washington D.C. A full roast-works is planned for the site, which opens up the doors for a … [Read more...]

Brent Fortune Magazine’s 17 Best Roasters


Yes, that's right, Fortune Magazine, a magazine dedicated to covering all things Brent Fortune, have just released their brand new top 17 list of American coffee roasters. The only criteria? These shops had to strike Brent's fancy just so. Congratulations to all of you who made the Brent Fortune Magazine top 17. Read the full feature here, … [Read more...]

Nicely Done: C.N.A.A. Wins 2011 Seattle CoffeeFest Latte Art Competition


Sprudge Pal Matt Miletto reports that "the feel good moment at CoffeeFest Seattle" is that photo you see above, in which Vivace honcho David Schomer embraced Christopher Nicely Abel Alameda after placing first at the Millrock Latte Art competition this weekend. Mr. Nicely got his start at Vivace, where he worked closely with the late Brian … [Read more...]

VST Very Super Ticked: Prince Vince In The Basket Kingdom


First, by means of introduction: is the place home baristas go to talk to other home baristas, and a clearinghouse for discussion amongst industry bigwigs (or, depending on how long it's been since you had a snack,  ex-industry pseudo-bigwigs and total jerks). One thing's for sure: it's by far the most active and relevant … [Read more...]

#SammyVsWolverine: Piccolo To Brawl With Hugh Jackman?

When actor Hugh Jackman has time off of his busy Hollywood schedule and isn't making coffee, he's apparently punching glamor-wrestlers' faces off. Many of you might not know this, but multi-year Canadian Barista Champion and WBC top tier finisher Sammy Piccolo is also a seasoned fighter. When he's not brokering fine parts and machines for … [Read more...]

Peet’s Petering? East Bay Express Explores


From a chilling East Bay Express feature about the sad, stark realities of a corporatized Peet's Coffee and Tea: This is Peet's Coffee & Tea, circa 2011: successful, efficient, and, many say, losing its edge and its ethos as it continues to compete in an increasingly crowded market. Once a small business known for its relaxed vibe and killer … [Read more...]

Seattle Coffee Festivus For The Rest Of Us


People are travelling from near and far to be at the fabulous Seattle City Convention Center for this weekend's CoffeeFest. Sprudge is a bit melancholy about the whole thing - we're in New York and San Francisco right now, respectively (and lamely). We really wish we were there, but we aren't, and well, we hope you all have a lot of fun without … [Read more...]