Live From Red Square


Opening Night at the Spasskaya Tower Festival, and we're briefly enjoying the calm before the storm. There's some untold thousands of people outside the gates of Red Square, but here we are, lounging at the Soyuz Coffee Roasters outdoor cafe, which if you were to obscure your line of sight, or squint your eyes, would look much like your average … [Read more...]

Live From Behind The Iron Curtain is live from Russia! Get ready for live coverage tonight from Red Square, where the opening night of the Spasskaya Tower Festival will feature dancing ponies, marching Generals, hordes of Muscovites, oversized decorative novelty coffee mugs, pistachios, swarthy Greek baristas (real and honorary), and Zeus knows what else. Stay tuned for … [Read more...]

We Dare You To Watch This Whole Video

The newest face in a long line of weird Twitter Marketing 101 YouTube wizards that review coffee and try to monetize the shit out of it. Alex has made over twenty videos, each with off-the-cuff analogies that don't really make sense. [youtube]FplwKuk2ViA[/youtube] (Thanks for the tip, @espresso911!) … [Read more...]

Sprudge Guides Philly: The City Of Brotherly Sprudge


Long in the works, is proud to present our unofficial guide to coffee in Philadelphia! One of the most buzzed and blogged about coffee cities in the world, Philadelphia has emerged in recent years as a serious destination for the discerning coffee Hajji - perhaps not the Mecca to the north that New York has become, but a Medina in its … [Read more...]

Sprudge Guzzlers Espresso Review: Intelligentsia’s Fruit Bat Espresso


We were very lucky to get a sneak peek at Intelligentsia's latest Black Cat limited blend with an animal moniker: Fruit Bat Espresso. Like previous Black Cat limited Blends, the choice of animal has had a lot to do with the cup characteristics: Honey Badger realized a thick, honeyed espresso, and Sugar Glider delivered a sucrose sweet demi of … [Read more...]

Cafe Owner Brutalized In Home Invasion Robbery


Shocking news out of Gainesville, Florida. Anthony Rue, owner of Volta and friend of Sprudge, was hog-tied, pistol whipped and robbed in his home. At around 4PM EST, Anthony updated his Twitter feed, "Don't try to call me. Phone smashed during home invasion robbery. Very bad day." His computers and cameras were stolen and his home was ransacked. … [Read more...]

The Hunks Of The Nordic Barista Cup: A True-Life Photo Essay


Well, it happened again - last weekend unleashed the Nordic Barista Cup on the world, bringing together some of the finest people in coffee for three days of non-stop action. There were lectures, cuppings, throwdowns, tastings, teasings, tickle-fights and a winning Scandinavian country (go Sweden!). Sprudge editorial was unable to attend this … [Read more...]

Fernwood You Believe It? Morgan Allen Wins Western Canadian Regionals


Congratulations to Morgan Allen, of Fernwood Coffee in Victoria, BC, winner of the 2011 Western Canadian Regional Barista Competition. Mr. Allen follows in the footsteps of last year's Western Regional winner Rob Kettner, also of Fernwood Coffee, who went on to compete in Bogota after winning the penultimate Canadian barista amalgatron. This year's … [Read more...]

NYC Post-Storm Coffee Report

IRENE has the inside post-storm scoop from various NYC coffee sources: *A lot of stuff is closed - this includes cafes in Brooklyn (Gimme!, Blue Bottle, etc) and cafes in Manhattan (Third Rail, Vandaag, etc). This means everyone got to go out / bunker in last night and get drunk without having to wake up early. * Based on employee … [Read more...]

Starbucks Gossip Blog Reveals Questionable Labor Policies


The most recent post on the Starbucks Gossip blog caught our eyes here at the Sprudge Global Network: "People who become good Starbucks managers work waaaay more than 45 hours a week, especially in Seattle" The post goes on to inspire a growing number of comments from current and former Starbucks managers, revealing a severe disconnect in company … [Read more...]

Newest Barista-Hipster Meme Is Atlanta’s Dustin Mattson of Octane


Ugh. The QuickMemes dares to take on "the hipster" in a cookie-cutter LOLCat-monetize-the-shit-outta-it fashion. When will making fun of MemeBlogs be the next meme? That's Dustin Mattson of Octane Coffee in Atlanta. sez: Mattson finished 5th place at the Southeast Regional Barista Competition 2010 and 27th place at the US Barista … [Read more...]

On The NordicTrack To Victory: NBC 2011 In Copenhagen


NBC 2011 Talks - Stephen Vick: Preserving Green Coffee. The NBC brings over 170 people together for a three-day rapid-fire cupping / lecture / tasting / lecture / lunch / lecture / cupping / lecture program all while Scandinavian teams are competing against each other in various games and competitions (froth challenges, espresso throwdowns, mud … [Read more...] Guide To Coffee Names: Africa


It's that time of year again: we're seeing seasonal roasters offer a slew of new crop Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees. In a few months we’ll start seeing new arrivals from Rwanda and Burundi, and then Tanzania and Uganda. While these coffees sure are appealing, their names can be tongue-twisters - so give yours a rest by following our … [Read more...]

Los Strandgeles: New York Times Profiles LA Coffee


Running today via the NYT Online, some ace L.A. coffee coverage from the world's coffee chronicler of note, Oliver Strand. Featuring Spring For Coffee (serving Ritual, Intelli, Stumptown and Blue Bottle), Bru Coffee Bar (serving Ritual), Coffee Commissary (serving Coava, Sightglass and Victrola), Cognoscenti Coffee at Proof Bakery (serving … [Read more...]