Strada EP In New York City


Another packed house for the last night of the Strada EP Tour, at the Counter Culture Coffee Training Center in the Flatiron District. With plenty of Anchor Steam beer on hand, Scott Guglielmino of La Marzocco gave his introduction of the debutante machine of an overheated and enthusiastic crowd of New York coffee cognoscenti and travelers from … [Read more...]

Tom of Sweet Maria’s Responds To Video Comments

Tom Owen recently parodied the growing trend the Extreme Green Buyer Videos, the sort that are shot at origin with flip video camera and promote the buyer's own personal bodaciousness. In the following article, posted via the Sweet Maria's Wee-Blog, Tom responds to the comments his parody video has generated, and sheds some light on the whole … [Read more...]

EP In DC: Strada Tour Redux


In the heart of DC's Adams Morgan neighborhood (near the free zoo with pandas, Amsterdam Falafel, and untold throngs of weekend yahoos), an eclectic smattering of coffee types from around the DC area gathered Wednesday night at the Counter Culture Training Center, keen on a first chance to get their paws on the Strada EP. Before Scott … [Read more...]

La Marzocco Strada Tour: New York Tonight!


Hey folks, we're in New York now, on the last leg of La Marzocco's East Coast Strada debut tour. This last week has been a whirlwind - thousands of miles, hundreds of people, countless dozens of shots of espresso - but it's not over yet - tonight's event in New York threatens to be the most epic of all. The event is this evening at the Counter … [Read more...]

MONOARABICA! The Secrets Of The illy Blend… Revealed!


GASP! Our Italian intern Rocco just tipped us off to a juicy story. Turns out that Italian pre-grind kings illy (they of the eternal lowercase) have been dipping their toes into the single-origin market, publicly offering the three unblended components of their famous / infamous "illy blend". A set of three single origin coffees - from Brazil, … [Read more...]

#YesEqual Events Tomorrow TODAY: New York! Olympia!


Tomorrow Today will undoubtedly be the best day ever for #YesEqual. Thursday, July 28th is a chance for two corners of our community to raise our voices against bigotry and intolerance, simply by doing what we do best: making coffee, hanging out, and raising money for awesome causes. First, tomorrow today (Thursday, July 28th) there's an amazing … [Read more...]

Notes From The Road: Travels With “Smokey” and “Bubble and Squeak”

US military telegraph wagon, American Civil War, 1861-1865 (c1880).

Over the past few days, has joined Counter Culture Coffee and La Marzocco USA for the East Coast debut of the Strada EP. Here's a few notes from the first and second leg of La Marzocco Strada EP Tour 2011: Sherman's March In Reverse. (Phrase Credited to Brian Ludviksen) There's about a million little details worth sharing from … [Read more...]

Beyond 140 Characters: Recreating The Oslo Iced Coffee Method


Tim Varney recently tweeted:We were intrigued to say the least, so we contacted Tim Varney in Oslo and asked him to share his recipe for Cold Ndumberi. We're delighted to reprint it here for you, exclusively on The method may seem a bit unorthodox to anyone with a simple, non-Scandinavian palate, so we've included a helpful pictorial … [Read more...]

WASHINGTON DC: La Marzocco Strada EP Tour Rolls On


Join us tonight, Wednesday, July 26th, to catch the first glimpse of La Marzocco's Strada EP in the nation's capitol. Tonight's event offers baristas in DC and its surrounding environs a chance to play with the machine, learn from and nerd out with one of the Strada's head designers, and enjoy delicious Counter Culture Coffee (along with beer, … [Read more...]

Looking Back: Original Stumptown Ads From The Portland Mercury


A few days ago at HQ, our team of Summer Intern researchers stumbled upon a treasure trove of digital coffee culture, long lost by the web and haphazardly organized by the fine folks of the Internet Archive. This is the first installment of "Looking Back", where we highlight decades-old websites, pick sheets and brew methods from the … [Read more...]

La Marzocco Atlanta In Brief… #EPTour Day 1


Last evening in Atlanta, Georgia, a lowkey group of business owners, baristas, gear nerds, coffee types, espresso enthusiasts (and detractors!), shorts-and-sandals-but-a-nice-shirt formal / casual youngish 20-somethings,  long timers, conversationalists, testers, filmographers, doubters, lovers, haters and tabloid journalists gathered together at … [Read more...]

Barista Guild Drops Bombshell: NWRBC Just 8 Weeks Away!


BREAKING: The Barista Guild of America announced today that NWRBC 2012 will be held on September 23, 2011. That means baristas have only two months to find coffees, train, and prepare their routines. It also means they'll have to wait an additional five months of downtime before the 2012 USBC in Portland, Oregon. A lot of people aren't happy … [Read more...]