We want to take time out this weekend to express our love and gratitude for the entire coffee community. We all have varying opinions on a wide variety of topics and our opinions and beliefs should be respected and we should be respectful of one another. One thing is absolutely certain: We are all equal. In light of recent events, we want to … [Read more...]

Aaron Blanco “Smiles”, Rescinds Apology

Aaron Blanco of Brown Coffee Company removed the apology from his website yesterday and posted this on his company blog today: For a while Tuesday I considered closing the cafe for a day or a week to let this crud blow over, hoping maybe our military decided to bomb Bermuda or something so the subject could be changed.  Seriously.  We were a … [Read more...]

Found On Flickr: Tom Questions “Three Regions”


Actually, I found "Four Continent" coffee, Five, and even Six too. I think this burning topic needs to be addressed at next years SCAA Symposium. Whats a region? Whats a continent? Hell, Whats a Micro-region? How many regions are in a continent? The Sweet Maria's flickr photo stream is always thought provoking. We covered a photo Tom made a while … [Read more...]

“Fresh”, “Delicious”, and Fraudulent: K-Cup Makers Sued

It's still early, but so far this is our favorite coffee lawsuit of 2011: A St. Clair County woman claims the manufacturer of K-cups for her Keurig coffee maker misled her into believing the cartridges contained coffee that could be fresh brewed. In actuality, the cups contained instant coffee, the woman alleges in her recently filed putative … [Read more...]

Poster of the Week: EspressoPart’s Exploding Espresso Machine

Barista and Front of the House

What is it? Our worst nightmare. An espresso machine exploding, courtesy of Espresso Made In Italy, a massive Italian database of espresso machines and historical images. What's it for? A class held by Terry Z and Sarah Dooley at EspressoParts. From their website: This course certifies the barista basics & advanced techniques within the … [Read more...]

Coffee Theft In Ethiopia

BREAKING: We've received a reliable tip this morning that a reputable Ethiopian-based "producer and developer of coffees of specific variety, locality and process" had an entire container - worth over $350,000 - of coffee stolen whilst in transit in Ethiopia. A number of stateside importers and green buyers were notified of the theft this … [Read more...]

An Open Letter To Aaron Blanco, Proprietor of Brown Coffee Company


This just in from Brown Coffee Company's blog: Recently, a Twitter post that was made via our company’s Twitter account has exploded into something it was never meant to be and we want to correct the record. In the post, it mentioned the differences between Natural Law and Human Law and mentioned that they were different and unequal. This was … [Read more...]

Big Brown Stink: Deplorable Homophobic Tweet From Texas Roaster


June 24th, 2011: New York becomes the 6th state in the USA to allow same-sex couples the right to marry. At 11:55PM, Brown Coffee Company, a San Antonio-based coffee roaster with accounts across North America, posts this message to Twitter. RBC NYC, a New York City cafe serving Brown Coffee Company announced to its customers via Tumblr that they … [Read more...]

Black Coffee, Black Metal: Solberg & Hansen Launch Coffee And T-Shirts In Hell


This came out back in March, but we're just now getting the word on this coffee from Solberg & Hansen out of Norway: Inspired by the True Norwegian Black Metal culture and the expression "Black Coffee" Solberg & Hansen have sourced a powerful coffee that captures darkness. "Black Coffee" was launched in the Norwegian town Hell. We love … [Read more...]

Now Drinking: Handsome Coffee Roasters


The staff at Sprudge.com Hayes Valley HQ is beyond enamored with the Handsome Coffee Roaster coffees that keep showing up to our door. It's like Christmas on our doorstep, but with Mike Phillips instead of Santa. The green coffee itself comes from Coffee Shrub and is roasted somewhere - perhaps out of the back of a van - in Southern California. Our … [Read more...]

Intelligentsia Marches In Chicago Gay Pride Parade


Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea has historically taken part in the annual pride events in Chicago. Today they provided iced coffee as they marched down the parade. This year they launched a beautiful t-shirt to celebrate LGBT equality. Stephen Vick models: Holler! Does your coffee company take part in pride month? Tell us how in the comment … [Read more...]

Now Reading: It’s A Great Day For Coffee

Here's a fun regional blog worth your eyes today - "It's A Great Day For Coffee", a classy, unpretentious cafe guide for all things coffee in the Twin Cities. We've yet to take a coffee tour of Minneapolis and St. Paul, so for now John Waltmann's loving compilation of photos and casual, informal write-ups will have to suffice. Mr. Waltmann has … [Read more...]