#Slurparama: Our Favorite Cupper

Fernando Gomez is the Roberto Benigni of coffee cupping. We've been cupping with this gentleman all day and have fallen in love with his sensual, animated cupping style. By watching him in action you get a sense that he's really communicating with the coffee. From Virmax: Fernando graduated as a bacteriologist from the Universidad de Caltolica. … [Read more...]

Stumptown Coffee Corp?

Willamette Weekly Blog: "On April 28, Stumptown Coffee Corp., a foreign business corporation (that is, a business based outside of the state of Oregon), filed an "application for authority." Stumptown Coffee Corp is a distinct entity from Stumptown Coffee Roasters, the Oregon corporation registered to the company's founder, Duane Sorenson, since … [Read more...]

On Coffee Company Owners Who Blog For Money

A coffee company owner who blogs for a men's magazine is at it again, going on the attack, writing a premature obituary, and wildy asserting his own massive ego based on rumors from the internets. He's using his cologne-and-soft core platform to suggest that Stumptown Coffee has "sold out" to WallStreetMegaGlobalCorp. The article in question is … [Read more...]

A Week of Colombia On Sprudge.com


There are a lot of big events happening this week in Colombia. Stay tuned to Sprudge.com for exclusive coverage on the following three! The Virmax Cupping Extravaganza The Virmax Cupping Extravaganza is going on right now at the beautiful Hacienda El Roble, near Bucamaranga, Colombia. Over 70 coffee varietals grow in a unique coffee … [Read more...]

Now Reading: Coffee Myths Of The Third Wave

Caffeinated Calm: "...we’re left with a retail coffee scene without a meaningful range of choice and customers who are forced to accept a tiny handful of (comparatively) taste-alike manicured washed coffees as representing the whole range of what’s good, simply because these are the coffees the “roastmasters” like to drink." … [Read more...]

#NOLAWeek: Laissez Le Bon Temps Brew


We really do love New Orleans. The food, the people, the lingo, the architecture, and long afternoons letting it all hang out poolside at the Country Club...what's not to love? The cuisine alone reads like Western Civ primer, drawing influences from France, Spain, the Caribbean, French-Canadian Acadian settlers, Italy, and increasingly in recent … [Read more...]

#NOLAWeek: Antoine’s Annex


There may be no name, no place more closely associated with dining in New Orleans than Antoine Alciatore's palace of French Creole cuisine, located on 713 St. Louis in the heart of the French Quarter. Antoine's has appeared in films, been the setting of novels, and seen its history lovingly documented by Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" crew. … [Read more...]

#NOLAWeek: “Velvet” Goldmine


Have you had enough to eat yet? Let's take our Bloody Mary's from Coop's in the cab with us, after the boudin sausage and jambalaya breakfast in the courtyard at Napoleon House; but not before our walk from Anderson's place in the Treme into the Quarter, before our actual lunch, a crawfish boil from Big Fisherman on Magazine Street, consumed at a … [Read more...]

Camp Pullashakalaka! Part Deux


Editors Note: Cody Bonko is a 20 year old Venice Beach based self-described "street latte artist", ardent temperature surfer and passionate pressure profiler. He brings his unique style of So-Cal journalism to our coverage of Camp Pull-A-Shot 2, happening October 24th in El Capitol Canyon, California. KNOCK BOX, my cheeses, this is CODY … [Read more...]

#NOLAWeek: Cafe Du Monde If I Do!


Cafe Du Monde, a veritable Versailles of dark roasted coffee with chicory, beignet pastries with an overload of powdered sugar, and a living piece of New Orleans history. Cafe Du Monde opened its Decatur Street location in 1862; it may well be the oldest coffee house in America. It's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year (closed only … [Read more...]