USBC 2011: Your Finalists Are…


With no further ado, your 2011 USBC finalists are: 1. Nik Krankl (Gelato Bar & Espresso Cafe) 2. Trevor Corlett (Madcap) 3. Pete Licata (Honolulu Coffee Company) 4. Lorenzo Perkins (Cafe Medici) 5. Ryan Knapp (Madcap) 6. Kevin Bohlin (Ritual) Two Madcappers! No Northwesterners? Lorenzo! … [Read more...]

SCAA 2011: Barista, Get Your Ass Upstairs

So downstairs at SCAA 2011, there's the Barista and Brew comps, the showroom floor, the scene, the schmooze, and the see-and-be-seen. It's a hoot and all, and worth your time, but not worth ALL your time. Throughout this Saturday afternoon, and especially tomorrow on Sunday, there are really fascinating SCAA classes going on up on third floor. … [Read more...]

USBC 2011: These Finalists Gave Me A Semi

From a mega-pool of nearly 50 competitors, here's your USBC 2011 semi-finalists heading into the weekend. They join the 6 regional champions in semi-final competition starting tomorrow morning at 9am Central. In no particular order, and with a hearty congratulations to all of this year's competitors, your USBC semi-finalists are... Trevor … [Read more...]

USBC 2011 Party Preview: Glitz, Glamor, and Rollin’ Lean In Houston!

Houston, Texas - the 4th largest city in America, named for then-President of the Republic of Texas Sam Houston, shortly after his glorious, bloody victory at the Battle of San Jacinto. The city of Houston is renowned around the world for urban sprawl, gray Screw tapes, the bootylicious stylings of Beyonce Knowles, a remarkably desolate downtown, … [Read more...]

Symposium Day 2: A Look Inside The Discussion Rooms


Video cameras and audio recorders were not allowed inside the afternoon discussion forums at SCAA Symposium 2011, so that the attendees could be as open, candid, and nasty as they wanna be.. Only can bring you these exclusive pics from inside the lively discussion forums. Stay tuned for fly-on-the wall implications as to what was said, … [Read more...]

Symposium Day 2: Pre-Lunch Wrap-Up, Presented Post-Lunch

Prior to a delicious catered BBQ lunch, we heard from an elite cadre of speakers of speakers, including Luis Fernando Sampler, Tony Hansen, and Daniele Giovannucci. Luis Sampler comes to us from the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, and he presented on the opportunities that GMO's in general and the Castillo varietal in particular … [Read more...]

Symposium Day 2: Mo’ Coffee Money, Mo’ Coffee Problems

Some highlights from the first part of day two at the Symposium, where the focus is on hunger, problems, and how to solve both. Up first, Rick Peyser of Green Mountain, who reflects on the people of Nicaragua who struggle from month to month with food shortages. He poses the problem like this: aside from the humanitarian concerns, which are … [Read more...]

Symposium 2011: Afternoon Recap, Afternoon Delight


Highlights from a mind-boggling informative and educational afternoon at the SCAA Symposium. Whoa! Kim Elena Bullock, Counter Culture Coffee Green Buyer: "Does quality equal sustainability? What happens when people demand certification?" And what exactly happened at those good ol' Good Food Awards a few months back? Kim weighs in with … [Read more...]

Symposium 2011: James Hoffmann’s Speech Leaked!


We ran our secret audio recorder during James Hoffmann's controversial, thought-provoking speaking engagement at today's SCAA Symposium event. Here it is, in all its poor-quality reverby, pocket-hidden, turn up your volume real loud glory, exclusive to readers. Listen to it here! Special thanks to SCAA's Tracy Ging, who permitted … [Read more...]

Symposium 2011: New Market Reality Bites


Whoa! A full slate of heavy hitters made mincemeat of the 11am-12:45pm block at the SCAA Symposium 2011. The crowd was kept on pins and needles by distinguished gentlemen from Brazil, Guatemala, and the LucasArts Compound in Redwood City, California. Let's summarize, shall we? Oscar Schaps, Global Head of Soft Commodities at INTL FCStone LLC, … [Read more...]

Symposium 2011: The Sounds Of Scientists

The Man

An epic slate of scientists wowed the audience at round one of the SCAA Symposium. First up, Dr. Peter Baker, Senior Scientist at CABI: "The world's coffee lands are in constant flux. Where is new coffee coming from?" Dr. Baker is renowned for adapting the concept of "peak oil" to the coffee industry, and his speech today addressed a number of … [Read more...]