Bikini Kill: Bill Wheeler Is Missing


Fascinating read over at the Seattle Weekly. Much like its original owner, strange things keep happening to Bill Wheeler's sexpresso stand. First, like him, the stand disappeared. He vanished somewhere in Las Vegas last year, and remains missing, perhaps dead. The chartreuse stand vanished last month from its Everett location, repossessed by … [Read more...] Latte Art DigiContest Blogorama

There's an MSM latte art contest afoot at Take a picture -- or several, or many -- of latte art, and email it to Please include the name of the coffee shop, date, and time you took the picture, and, if you'd like, the name of the barista who created the art. (Don't you like to see people recognized for their … [Read more...]

SCRBC Preview: Bring On The Tiny Cowboy Hats


The South Central Regional Barista Championship is almost upon us, drawing in theoretical competitors from 9 states, but actual competitors from only Texas and Missouri. Judges calibration begins Thursday, March 31st, with round one to follow on April Fool's Day. (Morbid, eh?) Kaldi's Coffee are fielding three competitors, along with hosting the … [Read more...]

Pain In The Aspen Redux: Tensions Unclench In Alpine Lawsuit


We first reported to you last January about this hilarious lawsuit filed in the city of Aspen, Colorado. Let us never forget: Aspen barista Zachary Lockwood was sued for breach of contract by the confusingly duel-named conglomocorp of Aspen Espresso / Victoria's Espresso and Wine Bar. The lawsuit itself is a thing of wonder; in it, Zachary … [Read more...]

OMG: Andy Rooney Unleashes On The GCQRI


From the most recent installment of Andy Rooney's ongoing series of nationally televised foibles, peccadillos and that which grinds his gears, an exploration on the ever-confusing relationship between coffee and human health. Turns out America's beloved curmudgeon has no time for scientific inquiry: "I've never paid attention to any of the … [Read more...]

Counter Intel Me Something Good – National Professional Series Dates Announced!

Were you informed, bemused, and left throbbing with palpable delight by our coverage of last December's Counter Intelligence Professional Series event in NYC? Well, set your sensors to "tremble" - Five (5) dates for the 2011 Counter Intel Pro Series have just been announced across the USA! They include: ???Atlanta: March 30-31 Washington, DC: … [Read more...]

“What we need, and I’m tellin’ you true, is a Coffee House Rendezvous”

We're proud to present this groovy documentary on coffee houses in the 1960s, "Coffee House Rendezvous". Let's agree on two things: 1. What they're drinking in videos like this (and the one we posted last week on the late-50s London coffee scene) would almost certainly be considered brackish slime water by today's high standards. 2. Coffee … [Read more...]

City Scenes: MSM Takes On Coffee In Houston, Philly

Curious about the local brew you'll be privy to for next month's USBC in Houston? Check out this feature from Culture Map Houston, as local Houstonian David Buehrer helpfully name-drops the city's top cafes and roasters. Sounds like there will be way more to try around town this year in Houston than there was last year in Anaheim, and for the … [Read more...]

Sprudge Interviews CCC Comic Artist Katy Meehan


A few weeks ago we brought you a look at Counter Culture Coffee's new web comic, aptly titled "What's The Deal With The Coffee Market?" and featuring the eye-catching artwork of CCC's artist in residence, Katy Meehan. Sprudge wanted to know more, so we set up a little sit-and-chat with Katy. Click through to find out more about Katy, her collabo on … [Read more...]

Helping Japan: Rosettas For Relief In Kansas City


Aaron Duckworth has organized an event to help raise money for aid in Japan: Pórtico Café in Kansas City is hosting a market-wide Rosettas For Relief event. Rosettas For Relief will be held on April 3rd from 6-9 p.m. at Portico Café (8720 E. 55th Street Kansas City, MO 64129-2618) and will feature a head-to-head Latte Art well as … [Read more...]

Barista Champs From Around The Globe – You Can Join Them In Bogota!

Bogota At Dusk...Dreamy

Here's a bit of a recap on WBC championship action happening around the globe, but first, a new feature on - your official "Send Me To Bogota" update. Click the link to your right for details, and find out how you, yes you, can go to the WBC event in Bogota for absolutely nothing. Sign up today, coerce your friends to vote … [Read more...]

Jazz Strands – “Coffee: The Musical” Set To Take Broadway

NYT coffee writer Oliver Strand recently brought the world news of a new musical bound for the New York theater scene. It's been cleverly titled "Coffee: The Musical": A press release (the producer) Mr. Galinsky circulated this week promises that the show will include “an original musical soundtrack, dancing, singing, topical coffee talk, love … [Read more...]