Coffee Schmuck Of The Week: Robbery, Then Robur-E

Nope, not making this up.

Meet Christopher Watson, whose epic ballad of thievery, schmuckery, and coffee commerce comes to us from Jackson, Mississippi: The first thing Christopher Watson bought after he allegedly robbed a Jackson bank was a cup of coffee. Congratulations, dear Watson, you're the Schmuck Of The Week! Peruse the sordid details of our decaying … [Read more...]

Godawful Gaddafi And The Nescafe Auto-De-Fé


Muammar al-Gaddafi, soon to be deposed dictator of Libya and he-whose-name-is-spelled-a-thousand-ways, has lashed out a number of targets for the revolution in Libya. These include Osama Bin Laden, Barack Obama, the nation of Israel, and...Nescafe? "Bin Laden ... this is the enemy who is manipulating people. You people of Zawiyah, stop your … [Read more...]

You Gaturiri Watch This New Stumptown Origin Video

Everything depends on coffee here. Shot in November 2010, the newest Stumptown origin video from Nyeri, Kenya is aesthetically gorgeous, challenging and artful, exactly the sort of short filmmaking we love. Filmed in and around the Ngunguru and Gaturiri washing stations, it gives us a glimpse into the world of Kenyan washed coffees with … [Read more...]

Back To “C” Futures: Market Talk With SCAA Prez Peter G.


The alarming state of coffee futures has been el topic du jour across the blogosphere in recent weeks. As a primer, have a look at this recent feature by the Dorothy Parker of Specialty Coffee, Erin Meister, whose article on "Why Coffee Will And Should Cost More" offers a great jumping off point for discussion. Sprudge had a chance to talk … [Read more...]

AmBIEBER Alert: Help Us Find This Missing HunkShot™!


We were alerted via Tweet that a Justin Bieber look-a-like was spotted at the Chicago Coffeefest. Help us find this missing HunkShot™! If any of our readers knows the identity of this major babe, let us know. We are dying to friend him on Facebook! Call the Handsome Unidentified No Kidding tip line (H.U.N.K.) at +1 (567) 274-6559 … [Read more...]

A 5-Course Coffee Maker Meal Of Sadness


You know the routine: family and friends mean well, but sometimes their coffee-related gift giving leaves much to be desired to your evolved, erudite Specialty Coffee palate. This means you might very well have an extra Mr. Coffee sitting around gathering dust in your cupbards. But no more! Follow these simple recipes from the folks at Gizmodo, … [Read more...]

I Want To Live Like Coffee Common People, I Want To Do Whatever Coffee Common People Do

In the last week or so, an ambitious new Empire State Building of blogatorial importance and heft has risen high over the skyline of Specialty Coffee. It is called, it's the most important new website in coffee, and you should go and have a look at it right now if you are in the small percentage of Sprudge readers who have not done … [Read more...]

North Central USBC Finalists Announced

Round One of The North Central Barista Competition is over. Congratulations to finalists  Trevor Corlett, Ryan Knapp, Brett Felchner, Alli VanHyft, Scott Lucey, Cody Kinart and Ultimate Warrior. was able to secure an exclusive interview with the Warrior, who is determined to take the title of North Central Barista Champion … [Read more...]

Andrew Brewtbart Returns: “Of Trolls And Trotskyites”

It's been almost 9 months since the world has received a full-length telex from Andrew Brewtbart, the Boca Raton-based coffee pundit, published author, and self-proclaimed "leading voice of the Conservative Coffee Movement". His latest salvo addresses speciatly coffee's internet culture of trolling anonymity, and calls out certain members of the … [Read more...]