Another Perger On The Barbie: Meet Your New Australian Barista Champ!


Congratulations to Matt Perger, your newly crowned king kangaroo Australian Barista Champion for 2011! Matt works at Axil Coffee in Melbourne, and his winning routine was supported by noted roasters Market Lane Coffee. Though many of the best artisan baristas in the world are in their 20s, Matt is particularly young for a national champ - just … [Read more...]

Tacoma Stars: Fun & Finalists At The 2011 NWRBC

Tacoma Dome 4x5

"This is such a great regional" is something I keep hearing over and over general, most of the long-time competitors, judges and industry wonks I spoke with feel that this year's field of competitors is the strongest in NWRBC history. Day 1 of the event felt pretty subdued, save for the action on stage, while day 2 is is noticeably more … [Read more...]

L’État, C’est Macchiato: French Barista Champ Surrenders To Victory!

Say "Oui" To Ludovic !

Congratulations to Ludovic Loizon, your brand new 2011 France National Barista Champion! "Le big ups" to Ludovic, who'll be traveling to Bogota this summer to represent the French Republic! France is tres hot for coffee right now, and predicts this just might be the year for France to make their first entry into the WBC finals. Plus, … [Read more...]

Definin’ Stuff With Todd Carmichael


Todd Carmichael is the funniest man in American comedy, and he's back again with more crack specialty coffee coverage over at the ol' Esquire "Feed Bag Fer Dudes Who Like Chicks" blog. This time around, the Toddster poops on everyone making specialty coffee from Portland to uh, Brooklyn, and we're presuming all points in between, with his … [Read more...]

Go Counter Intel It On The Mountain: Counter Culture’s Counter Intelligence Lecture


Our Sprudge NYC coverage concludes (for now) with a loving, apologetically tardy recap of Counter Culture Coffee's Counter Intelligence lecture series. In December of 2010, was generously invited to sit in on the first-ever Counter Intelligence Professional Series. Hosted by current SCAA President and all-around industry … [Read more...]

Inman Like Flynn: Podcast #101


Nick Cho has resurrected his infamous podcast, the Podcast, this time from the West Coast. His new sidekick, Marky-Mark Inman, is a welcome addition to the show. Long form discussion is back on the Internet! In Podcast form! Listen! After a three year hiatus, the Portafilter Podcast is back for all the good coffee-loving girls and … [Read more...]

Meister And The Decaf Decathalon At Serious Eats

Curtis High School Graduate Gary Larson

Decaf. The extra hopper. A true test of every barista's professionalism? A fact of life for any successful cafe? Erin Meister, noted CCCNYC guru and frequent contributor to Serious Eats, tackles the subject with an open mind and a spirit of understanding, forgiveness and the need to forge a brighter, sleepier future for us all. She's the Dorothy … [Read more...]

San Francisco Good Food Month Coffee Week Kick Off Party at Bloodhound


Kickoff Coffee Week at SOMA's Bloodhound! Finally, coffee professionals and enthusiasts can have a drink together, and maybe play a few rounds of Buckhunter. There will be coffee and booze, and coffee booze, and maybe some food, and there will be many of the people responsible for some of the best coffee in the area. Street vendors Casey's Pizza … [Read more...]

Triumph of the Swill: Starbucks Simplifies Logo, Expands Global Raj To India


The Starbucks marketing department has been all aces in 2011, getting attention from the new logo change (who cares?), incessantly bullying Kraft (stop that!), and going all "Victor/Victoria" on their 15th Avenue space in Seattle. Leggo my logo: "Our new brand identity will give us the freedom and flexibility to explore innovations and new … [Read more...]