Caffe Vita Jamaica Blue Mountain: Chump Clown Meets Stumptown

You Must Be Clowning

Currently for sale at Caffe Vita locations in Seattle: Jamaica Blue Mountain, $33 for a 1/2 pound, just another fine exemplar of that classic Vita roasting profile "sure to please even the most discerning palate". Vita serving overpriced JBM isn't really a big story; expect to see more of this as the Japanese slough off their share for higher … [Read more...]

McCafees: $100,000 For Coffee Syrup Station

And By "It", We Mean Massive Costs.

A fascinating piece on business realities for McDonalds franchise owners over at the Wall Street Journal. Did you know those McCafe things cost like $100,000 to own and install? And that individual franchisees have to pay for them out of pocket? Julie Jargon at the WSJ investigates: As business evolves, the franchisees who operate about 90% of the … [Read more...]

Classic Rock Coffee: Single Origins, Double Guitar Solos

This is real.

At Classic Rock Coffee Company we take great pride in sourcing great tasting coffees. Lots of companies roast coffee beans, but we rock the roaster. Our beans are literally infused with classic rock music during the roasting process. This Cup of Excellence coffee? It's literally infused with classic rock music during the roasting process … [Read more...]

Epitaph For A Blog: The Death Of Melissa Allison’s Coffee City


The grand paucity of Mainstream Media specialty coffee coverage just got a bit more precious: Melissa Allison's "Coffee City" blog has shut its digital doors at the Seattle Times. From Mel Al's last post: And that's the last bit of news from Coffee City. Reporting for the blog has taught me more about coffee and Seattle's coffee community than I … [Read more...]

Coffee Schmuck of the Week: The Biggest Jerk In Eastern Washington

This Might Be Sweet Beans

From eastern side of Washington State, the South of the Northwest, we bring you this sad tale of incongruous disappointment, transient frustration, and car-bumper jumping. Ahh, the Tri-Cities... where Blue Collar America meets Frasier Crane (to give him a noogie). Jayson Carmickle, 26, was angry with the baristas at Sweet Beans, a Richland coffee … [Read more...]

A Little Deb Will Do Ya


This just in from the Doubles Club. The NYT reports: Of the 30 swell young ladies who will be formally introduced to high society during the International Debutante Ball at the Waldorf-Astoria on Dec. 29, the most swell may be Hadley Marie Nagel — a German countess, according to her mother, Susan Nagel, and also a direct descendant, through her … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas From

Courtesy of North Pole Tribune

A very Merry Christmas from your editors, writers, interns and research staff. The office holiday party went down last night, and boy, it was a real year we'll just predetermine the punch spiking duties. As you journey home for the holidays, remember to always unpack your coffee equipment first. You don't … [Read more...]

A Crafty Christmas

Will They Fit In My Stocking?

Here's a bit of Christmas cheer for this trying, stressful last retail day before Christmas. It's been going around the Facebooks, we think it's great, and we love the Tims. In fact, we can think of no better way to survive Holiday Mocha Madness than to be the klausen in THAT triple decker grinder. Enjoy! A Crafty Christmas from Brendan … [Read more...]

Yelp, I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Shut Up! Submit Your Worldwide Yelp Disasters


Welcome to "Yelp, I've Fallen And I Can't Shut Up", a new weekly series on where we'll call on our readers to send us the best, worst, dumbest, most hilariously amazing Yelp reviews from around the world! A vibrant home for seemingly worldly, educated reviews about restaurants, cafes, dentists and dog-walkers, offers hundreds … [Read more...]

Trenchtown Stock: Jamaica Profit On Blue Mountain, Rohan Marley?


NYT elder Florence Fabricant reports on Bob Marley's son, Rohan, currently cashing in on Jamaica Blue Mountain: Rohan Marley got into the coffee business more than 10 years ago. “A Rasta from Jamaica called offering land,” he said. Since then, Mr. Marley, a son of the reggae legend Bob Marley, has overcome financial and bureaucratic hurdles to … [Read more...]

Big Illy On Campus: College, Not Fair Trade For Coffee Giant

The Late Ernesto

Another wrinkle in the Fair Trade / Direct Trade discussion - Illy's University of Coffee, a training program that sidesteps Fair Trade certification while promising "above-market growing standards". Read on: "Fair Trade certification is a system which is based on the grower being certified at his costs. He has to make the investment at his cost, … [Read more...]

Shotstradamus: Coffee Futures Engorged In A “Panic Stricken Demand Rationing Orgy”

Sprudge File Photo

Shawn Hackett, a self-described "Shotstradamus" with soothsaying predictive powers in the C futures market, dropped a doomsday scenario of coffee-price-soarin' into our Google Alerts... Arabica coffee prices may be set for a “straight up vertical spike” to a record $4 a pound by the end of the first quarter with daily gains of 50 cents a pound … [Read more...]

Shake Your Acid, But Watch Yourself!


We certainly wouldn't kick you out of bed for eating crackers if you stuffed this package in our Christmas stocking... I recently purchased the Coffee Acidity Taste Kit by Coffee Chemistry to test your threshold of acids found in coffee. This kit consists of Citric, Malic, Quinic and Acetic solutions with manual. This makes for a great palate … [Read more...]