Great PDXpectations: Snapshots From Portland

Picture 19 Lead Writer Jordan Michelman recently spent a long weekend in Portland. These are his notes, bites, sips and jokes from the City of Roses. This is not a coffee crawl. Formal coffee crawl write ups of Portland, and elsewhere, have been done already, by people perhaps a bit more qualified than I. What I'm aiming for here instead is … [Read more...]

The Worst Boyfriend In The History Of Coffee


Or at least he's the worst boyfriend since the last loser you used to date. This is the saddest news out of Hartford since the Whalers left: Matthew McClusky, 43, of Troutbrook Drive was charged with third-degree assault on an elderly person, criminal attempt to commit second-degree assault on an elderly person and disorderly conduct, police … [Read more...]

SprudgeyLeaks: Internal Email Reveals Shakeup At Good Food Awards

Picture 16

From the city of Barry Bonds, steroid scandals and gaudy eco knick knack "shoppes", our Good Food Award coverage continues today with an insider GFA email disqualifying a number of coffees due to the use of "pesticides, herbicides" and "GMOs" at origin. These actions confirm ongoing industry rumblings regarding a perceived "sustainability gap" at … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving From

A Turkey!

A very happy Thanksgiving indeed for us today, and we hope for you as well. This year we're thankful for many a thing - so thankful, in fact, that our year-end list making has begun in earnest, leading up to our 2nd annual Hanukkah Buying Guide and the announcement of this year's Sprudgie Awards - so today we want to keep it short and sweet and say … [Read more...]

JFK A-OK, We’re Not JK: Strand Does World Bean at Kennedy Airport


First LaGuardia, now JFK. We've written in the past about the World Bean program at LaGuardia Airport Delta Terminal, and we'll there to see things for ourselves in 2 weeks, but in the meantime check out Oliver Strand's coverage of World Bean's newest JFK Airport outpost: In September, Terminal D at La Guardia Airport inaugurated two outposts of … [Read more...]

Intelligentsia For The Bourgeoisie: Brand New iPhone App Unites Workers of The World!

Doug Zell, Circa 1995

A glorious man-made victory has been won by the proletariat! Coffee Stakhanovites, grind workers of the world, you whose shots and rivets are the lifeblood of International Communism, now is the moment of your glorious achievement! A gift for iPhone from the Intelligentsia, designed for one and all, obliterating make-waste and collectivizing make … [Read more...]

Sky Brew Sky: Wilco/Intelligentsia’s Newest Venture


From the Wilco Store: This past Fall, some members of the band dropped by our neighbors Intelligentsia's Cupping Lab to select their favorite coffee. The unanimous selection is the Single Origin, Organic Ethiopia Sidama Homecho Waeno. This coffee comes from the Sidama region of Ethiopia and is grown by the Homecho Waeno co-op...The aromatics … [Read more...]

Loko For Them Lokos: Alcopop Banned, Irish Coffee Deemed “OK” By Feds


In a recent post, we mentioned the rising popularity of caffeine energy drinks and declining popularity of coffee with Gen-Twitter. What's even more popular? Alcoholic energy drinks. The feds recently intervened when 9 teenaged Central Washington "University" students blacked out after a binge drinking session involving, among a variety of other … [Read more...]

Dogs of Coffee 2011 Calendar Is Out!


$8. From Sweet Maria's: We had a lot of fun with last year's calendar - so we have a new one for 2011.  There's a new crop of great dog photos, and  a few photos of other  creatures from coffee origins (the albino water buffalo from Sulawesi in my personal favorite). We are including holidays to observe (or not) like Take Your Barista to … [Read more...]

Coffee Schmuck Of The Week: Dance Music Schmucks Romance

This Is What It Sounds Like When Schmucks Cry

In our hearts, the Minneapolis neighborhood of Uptown is Prince's candy-colored cornucopia Paisley Park of freedom, self-expression, and ice cool multi-ethnic omnisexual synth funk. It's a place where you can "set your mind free", and where the perogative, be you "black, white, or Puerto Rican" is to just have a "freakin' good time already". Uptown … [Read more...]

International GlobeTrot Cross-Continental Frequent Flier News Round-Up


OUR FRIENDS TROT THE GLOBE SO WE DON'T HAVE TO! *The Brazil Cup of excellence jury process (jury process?) is underway. From Andrew Barnett: "Congratulations to the 36 farms selected for the second round of the Brazil Cup of Excellence. Good luck to all!Lovely coffees. Tasting kicks off in a few hours." We're champing at the bit, … [Read more...]

Dry British Wit and the Coava K-One

Photo by klausthomsen

Brilliant! Megababe and caps lock GENTLEMAN Tim Styles is the hunky brains behind Tropical Saloon, perhaps the interweb's most fabulous new blog . If you don't subscribe to it on your RSS reader do yourself a favor and jump on that train right now. Here's a great place to start: this piece on the new Coava K-One, featuring generous collaboration … [Read more...]

Portafilter Podcast Is Making A Comeback!


Nick Cho will be reviving the infamous Portafilter Podcast in 2011! Here's an official statement from Nick Cho: Dear Sprudge readers, The Podcast was born the summer of 2005. After 75 shows spanning over 100 total hours, the podcast became one of the most dynamic forces in the specialty coffee world, helping to mold and shape … [Read more...]

Aimee Kick’s FABULOUS Coffee Filter Dress


Old news but great outfit, and meme-tastic for today. Aimee Kick from Missouri's fabulous filter prom dress! Check out more pics at Fashion Police. Aimee Kick from Missouri, US, spent a month creating this dress, which is made completely from coffee filters, for her senior prom at Francis Howell North High School. The 18-year-old aspiring … [Read more...]