Some Like It Room Temperature: Hoffmann and The Merits Of Cooling Your Shots

Hoffmann Invasion

James Hoffmann + Gwilym Davies ÷ perhaps a bit too much free time = this post over at We're huge fans of the London coffee braintrust, but this one left us scratching our heads a bit: Some days Gwilym drops by for a chat and coffee, and now and then breaks my head a bit: Now, the ‘rules’ say that you are supposed to drink your … [Read more...]

Winner, Winner, Kraft Dinner: Rob Kettner Wins 2010 Canadian Barista Championship!

Rob "Special K" Kettner

Congratulations to Rob Kettner, winner of the 2010 Canadian Barista Championship! Rob competed in the CBC out of the Western Region, which he won representing his own shop in Victoria, British Columbia. Check out Rob's shop, Fernwood Coffee, or stop by in person and bring him tidings of Canadian joy. We'll see you in Bogota, Rob! … [Read more...]

SCAJ Event Recap: Tokyo A Go-Go

Event Promo In Motion

The Specialty Coffee Association of Japan event has come and gone, a whirlwind 3 days of white gloves, siphons, and heated competition in Tokyo. There's not a ton of English language info available through the SCAJ itself, so Sprudge is here to offer our non-Japanese fluent readers some recap of the event. Top honors for this year's Barista … [Read more...]

October Madness, Baby! Check Out Our Exclusive 2010 CoffeeFest Bracketology


Whoa! Click to expand! Right-click to download! Competitors are playing for $2500, bragging rights, and a high draft spot in next year's NBA lottery. Here's some notes from our Offical Bracketology Institute to help you dominate your office pool: *Laila Ghamberi has fierce inside game. Expect competitors to run a conservative … [Read more...]

Big App, Big Apple: NYT’s “Filter” Offers Coffee Crawls For iPhone

Now With Coffee Goodness.

There's a hot new specialty coffee application for iPhone, catering to those of you lucky enough to live and brew in NYC.  Oliver Strand and the NYT Scoop app have combined for a one stop, hand-held guide to the best crawls and shots the Big Apple has to offer. From Oliver's recent post on the NYT Diner's Journal: Introducing the Filter, a guide … [Read more...]

The Artist Formerly Known as Mark Prince: “Less Throw Downs, More Spro Downs”

File Photo

There's a read worth your while up right now at CoffeeGeek, Mark Prince's living, breathing, mountainous edifice to home brew, coffee culture, and 90s-style message boards. "A big, huge, gargantuan trend in barista circles is the latte art throwdown. You've probably heard of this thing - a bunch of baristas gather, be it at a party held during … [Read more...]

Coffee Schmuck Of The Week: We’ve Heard of Naked Portafilters, But This Is Ridiculous


Schmuck of the Week is proud to introduce you to Brandon Lee Jackson. This 29-year-old piece of work came to our attention strutting around Eugene, Oregon naked as a jay bird, jabbering to himself and making obscene gestures, before eventually attempting to assault two teenage girls and their mother outside of a Dutch Bros. Coffee stand. From … [Read more...]

Wacky Video Rodeo

Scenes from the Wacky Rodeo

It's wacky. It's video. It's a rodeo. It's a wacky video rodeo. First up, check out "The Craft",  starring coffee's most dynamic duo, Tim Varney and Tim Wendelboe. Dig that production value! Up next, with considerably less production value, Youtube sensation Neil Crevice lets us know how he really feels. A special thanks to Alex Gilman … [Read more...]

Frankenbrew and You: GenMod Beans And The Future Terror Harvest

Frahnk-Uhn-Steen! That's Frahnk-Uhn-Steen!

It's been a while since we checked in with Seattle Times coffee columnist Melissa Allison, but we're happy to link today to her recent article and the strange history and spooky future of genetically modified coffee products. Frankensteined coffee crops! Beans intentionally kept from maturity, like some sort of Caturra castrato! Ripening chemical … [Read more...]

Bellingham Bandit Burgles Baristas By Bike, Spends Stolen Shekels Swigging Sparks


It was an unfortunate pun come true on Thursday morning for the employees of Bellingham, Washington's Brewed Awakening Coffee, who found themselves the victims of armed robbery by bicycle: No one was hurt in a possible armed robbery at a Bellingham espresso stand yesterday. A man on a bicycle robbed the Brewed Awakening stand on Consolidation … [Read more...]

Listen To Nordic Barista Cup Lectures Online


A ton of fantastic content came out of last week's Nordic Barista Cup. attended as media volunteers, and are excited to bring you a slate of exclusive downloads from the event. Here's two fascinating lectures to get you started, and expect more from us in the coming week. Social Economy In The Cafés Mr. Erling Dokk Holm is a … [Read more...]

Welsh Customer Mistakes Coffee Shop For Starbucks

Too Similar

Starbucks, the Seattle-based coffee megacorp both defines and defiles the second wave, have proved to world yet again that they know how to walk the heartless tightrope: they're branching out to bring themselves out of a decade-long slump while at the same time getting back to their roots: Coffee chain giant Starbucks has told a small village cafe … [Read more...]

Oslo and Behold: Exclusive Nordic Barista Cup Coverage From Sprudge Correspondent Greggory Hullzenbløgger!

Pictures Courtesies of the Baristas Magazines websites

A Bjørn Børg to you! Greggory Hullzenbløgger heres, at the Sevenths Nørdics Baristas cups in the Oslo, Nørways. Yes, there is just ønes of the phrases that cans bests tø describes the weeks sø fars: I can hardlys believes my eyes. The events is takings place inside øf student venues called Spikerbøks. This is place known for the glorious halls … [Read more...]