RAINY DAY RECESS: Portland Magazine Features Stumptown Roasters That Aren’t Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Portland, Oregon

This article is part of our special Back To School Week series: Portland Monthly, a glossy niche mag beloved by I-26 Silicon Forest types, have put together a nice little piece on 5 PDX roasters not named Stumptown. Locally, as Stumptown created a new level of coffee appreciation and enthusiastic experimentation, it also drew a small flotilla … [Read more...]

Verve’s Mama Cata, Ay, Mama Cita!

Mama Cata

Santa Cruz based Verve Coffee Roasters just released Mama Cata Estate 2010 honey-processed Geisha. Although we personally haven't had a chance to taste this coffee, all reports from those who have agree: this coffee is caps lock DELICIOUS and worth EVERY PENNY. BUY BUY BUY. Mama Cata is imported from Panama by Cafe Imports, based in St. Paul, … [Read more...]

HOME EC: Hazelnut Latte Oatmeal and The American Dream


This article is part of our special Back To School Week series: The Quaker Oats Company, an American carbohydrate concern with more than a hundred years of brand-recognition, have recently introduced the "True Delights: Hazelnut Latte" flavor to their line of instant oatmeals. The Quakers may refuse conscription into armed military service, … [Read more...]

Early Morning Study Aid: Aida’s Cascara Tea Available Now!


This article is part of our special Back To School Week series: Just about a year ago, in the heady early days of Sprudge.com, our very best puns and yuks were more often than not fueled by Aida Batlle's delicious, refreshing, rocket-charged Cascara tea. We've missed it over the past few months, but are quite excited to announce new availability … [Read more...]

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Hot Coffee In The Face, From Sea To Shining Sea


This article is part of our special Back To School Week series: America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Sometimes we Americans express this freedom and bravery by throwing scalding hot coffee in each other's faces. It happened in California earlier this month. It happened again in Maine last Thursday morning. I'm … [Read more...]

MORNING VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENTS: “Give your guest a juicy slice.”

Picture 9

Café owners take note: this Wendy's training video from the early 90s is inspirational, thoughtful and completely brilliant. Sprudge want to see more coffee videos like this. Can you imagine Espresso Vivace's David Schomer doing a slow-groove tamp posture demo? We can. We really, really can. The closest we've seen is Washington, DC's murky … [Read more...]


Back To School!

Welcome! Sit down! SIT DOWN! Here at William J. Sprudge Junior High, we hope you've had a productive summer. You may notice a few changes going on around you; Junior High is a funny time like that. All we ask is for your attention, your respect, and your ability to follow our class schedule as offered each and every day. We hope we'll be able … [Read more...]

SHOCK: Grecian Frappé Council Cancels International Frappé Week

PICTURED: Dimitrious Frappépopoulos, Niko Frappénikolous, George Blendos, Icarus Milkopio, Midas Half-and-Halfgnos

Sad news trickling into Sprudge HQ late Friday afternoon... ATHENS, Greece: The Grecian Frappé Council, a consortium of like-minded frappé enthusiasts based in Athens, have announced the discontinuation of their high profile International Frappé Week program. A member of the council, Dimitrios Frappépopoulos, released the following statement to … [Read more...]

James Hoffmann Talks “Tradition”

Tevye Hoffmann

What's the one thing held in common between James Hoffmann, former WBC champ and don of Square Mile Roasters, and the character Tevye from "Fiddler on the Roof"? Both men have thoughts on the concept of tradition. From JimSeven.com: I’m a little conflicted when it comes to the idea of tradition. I firmly believe that an understanding of the … [Read more...]

Sprudge.com Presents: The Giorgio Milos Caption Contest


Giorgio's latest attack on American Espresso has sent us over the top. He visited four shops in NYC (Abaço, Café Grumpy, Ninth Street Espresso and Stumptown) with Salon.com and poo-pooed every shot of espresso. So the darkly suave Milos is visiting from the birthplace of espresso for a year to gauge the state of coffee in the United States, illy's … [Read more...]

International Frappé Week Délight: Sprudgé Presents These Fine Frappé Recipés

Picture 11

As Whitney Houston once said: "Oh, my Lord, I have waited for this day." We’ve been busy all week at Sprudge Labs, burning through four Vita-Mix blenders and two BlendTecs to bring you the caps lock PERFECT Third Wavé Frappé. We think we’ve found some delicious options. And we think it just might be a specialty coffee global game changer. Some … [Read more...]