Asprological Sprudgoscopes for August!


Here's your August installment of our famous Asprological Sprudgoscopes! Aries (March 21-April 19) You're a diverse bunch, Aries. Your famous brethren include such disparate figures as Pat Robertson, Akira Kurosawa, Leonard Nimoy and Aretha Franklin. Suffice it to say, in the coming month you'll blame a natural disaster on Roe v. Wade, be … [Read more...]

mypressi TWIST Gives Power to the Producers

First Shipment Arrives

We've written glowingly in the past about the Mypressi Twist, our 2009 Sprudgey Award winner for Best New Product. If you've been on the fence about ordering one of these doozies for your home, cafe, or fashionable cocktail lounge, we suggest you get on with the butter and buy one. Need more inspiration? Here's why you should consider ordering a … [Read more...]

No Rest: All-In-One Roaster / Grinder / Coffee Maker Swings, Misses

All Looks

Fresh roasted coffee needs more than a few minutes to rest before brewing. It doesn't take a Director of Advancing Ingenuity and Developing Brilliance to tell you that. Entertaining video, beautiful device, terrible coffee. Best served for roasting Kopi Luwak, on your 80 foot yacht, before sleeping on your bed of money, after doing a double gainer … [Read more...]

Coffee Schmuck of the Week: Ajax Of All Trades, or, Throw Mama From The Drano


Jesse Vasquez Meet Jessie Vasquz, the man who took Dark Roast to a dark place. Police say on Sunday morning, Vasquez walked into Dallas Fire Station #752 and told one of the firefighters, "I just put poison in my mother's coffee." "He got some Ajax, some bleach cleaner, and poured it in the coffee grinds for her morning coffee". According … [Read more...]

Oslo: Tim Wendelboe’s Three Year Anniversary This Saturday

moon walk

On Saturday 31 July (that's how they write it in Europe) from 11am-5pm, Tim Wendelboe's cafe in Oslo will be serving cheap drinks and kakkes to benefit a project in Kenya: All drinks are a minimul 1 kr. maximum whatever you want to pay. All the money goes to our drying table project in Kenya where we will fund the building of new drying tables at … [Read more...]

James Hoffmann & Katie Carguilo Bust Out The Summer Brew Method Slip n’ Slide

Summertime Coffee Porch Drinkin'

Full immersion + filter + ice = Summer of Hoffmann! The idea with this is to brew double strength coffee straight onto ice. As the ice melts it chills and dilutes the coffee back to more normal strengths. Often this is done with pourover or filter brewers. The problem I had with this is that as you double the amount of coffee to your amount of … [Read more...]

Intelli in Seattle? When Zell Freezes Over!

Seattle? Zell No!

Melissa Allison scored a coup with Kyle Glanville, Intelligentsia's "Director of Innovation", who spoke at liberty and denied any future plans for the Chicago industry titans to open up shop in Seattle.   "I think putting a coffee bar in Seattle would be like putting a coffee bar in Rome," he said. "Seattle coffee culture is very ingrained; … [Read more...]

Horror At Manhattan Starbucks: Man Leaps To His Death, Lands In Outdoor Seating Area

Many Manhattan locations to choose from

If you open up 16,000+ locations, this sort of thing is bound to happen: A 38-year-old man plunged to his death near a coffee shop in Manhattan yesterday, police said, after leaping from an upper East Side building just after 6 p.m. and crashing onto the outdoor seating of a Starbucks at First Ave. and E. 85th St. "How horrible!", said … [Read more...]

Scientists: Pregnant? Have a latte!


Scientists. They love talking about coffee. Every week it seems there's more and more new stories on the web and in print, with some fresh scientific proclamation regarding caffeine or coffee compounds or why drinking more or less than 3 cups a day is or isn't good for you. This week's info comes to us from, the C. Everett Koop of online … [Read more...]

By Nēnē Means Necessary: Rusty’s Hawaiian Coffee Da Kine Wen Score 91.1


The Hawaii Coffee Association's 15th annual Coffee Conference has come and gone, and as the N?n? feathers settle we're happy to help spread the word: long-time Sprudge favorite R. Miguel Meza and his K'au Coffee Collective have done quite well for themselves at this year's Cupping Competition. Top honors went to Rusty's Hawaiian, "a 12-acre … [Read more...]

BGA Blog: 5 Questions With Trish

Marcus Boni Trish Rothgeb

Trish Rothgeb is one of the most knowledgeable coffee professionals in the business. She's worked a number of influential coffee companies, both large and small, earning respect and admiration from across the industry. She now roasts in both Vermont and Washington (at the esteemed ONC). Trish has been in the coffee industry for more than 20 years, … [Read more...]

Fraud In A Cup: The Weissman Cometh to The Seattle Times


From Seattle Times Coffee City writer Melissa Allison, on the front page of the Sunday Business section: "Talking to baristas, the word "passion" comes up a lot...[it's] a well-known trait about baristas — their love of talking about coffee, from the bean profiles from various countries, to the best pressure and water temperature for pulling a … [Read more...]