New York Times: Oliver Strand Goes Deep Inside the Square Mile “Penny University”


2007 World Barista Champion James Hoffmann has just opened the Penny University, an espresso-free coffeehouse extension of Square Mile Roasters. New York Times' Oliver Strand reports: Notably, there’s no espresso machine. It’s a daring decision given that Square Mile Coffee Roasters has a city-wide following for its espresso, and supplied the … [Read more...]

The Sweetest Taboo: Sugar Packets and Automobiles Are A Dangerous Mix

S Brew V

S Brew V Oy vey. Trena Fiels, a 42-year-old from Detroit, was heading westbound on Oregon 22 near milepost 38 when she decided her coffee needed sweetening. During the maneuver, she drove off the highway and then overcorrected, sending the vehicle down a 40-foot embankment to the river. The Oregonian - Woman tries to sweeten coffee while … [Read more...]

The Sexiest Competiton in Coffee: Ultimate Barista Fighter 2010

Buckle Up

The industry's sexiest barista championship is upon us, pinning and mounting the international coffee community with bated breath. The Ultimate Barista Fighter: involving booze, aeropresses, steamed milk and a lot of rope: For this challenge we want you put your teamwork to the test.  2 baristas strapped together leaving only 2 arms will have to … [Read more...]

Shock: Former Colombian “Coffee Queen” Head of Drug Trafficking Gang

Coffee Queen

A Colombian model accused of leading a drug-trafficking gang that persuaded pretty young women to smuggle cocaine to Mexico was arrested Wednesday after evading Argentine police for five months. Angie Sanclemente Valencia had been hiding out in Buenos Aires since December, when airport police caught a 21-year-old Argentine woman with 55 … [Read more...]

Rave Un2 The Brew Fantastic: CoffeeFest Minneapolis June 3-6th

Ye Olde Mayor of CoffeeFest

CoffeeFest Minneapolis is just a few short days away. CoffeeFest is a thrice-annual trade show for specialty coffee going strong since 1992. At this event excitement is brewing over a reformatted Millrock Latte Art Championship (with a grand prize of $2500 for the best pour). The New World Latte Art Championships will begin at 9:00am on Friday, … [Read more...] Seattle Still #1 For Coffee, Beards

Only in Seattle

Only in Seattle New information released by on coffee-buying trends reveals that on average Seattleites spent $36 a month at their favorite coffee shops, topping out the list of caffeine-addicted cities. San Jose, Calif. and Portland trailed just behind at $34 and $33. It's a change from last year, according to their data, when … [Read more...] Does Seattle

Eats your children, drinks your coffee

Greg Sherwin, longtime guru behind the San Francisco-based, took a recent trip to the city of Seattle. He visited most of the usual suspects in the Seattle coffee scene, ranting and ranking them accordingly, and coming up with some surprising conclusions. Which shop offers "arguably the best retail espresso shot we’ve formally … [Read more...]

Folgers For Soldiers: A Cup Of Joe For GI Joe


Stay-at-home-barista Joy Chalk has made a number of new friends with Cup of Joe For Joe, a program that puts coffee in the hands of American soldiers for $2 a cup. Her son is currently serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan and learned about the program on Facebook. From the Loudon Times: Chalk said even a gift as small as a cup of hot coffee can … [Read more...]

Esquire Magazine: “Before Coffee Was Really Good, Coffee Was Really Good”

Todd Carmichael: Loathing celebrewties, trekking Antartica

"If you think about anything long enough, parts of it will annoy you." This statement perfectly sums up the content's recent piece on specialty coffee, "Back to the Future: The Coming Coffee Revolution". Written by former Seattle-area bean schlepper Todd Carmichael, this stunning work of non sequitur longs for the days of flannel … [Read more...]

Geisha, Geisha, Geisha! Wataru & Saza Coffee Engage In Grand Bidding War…$170.20/lb!

boxing-punch has reported on today's historic Best of Panama auction: Holy crap! WATARU & CO., lTD. and Saza Coffee just went at it for the number one lot in the Best of Panama auction. Don’t feel bad for Wataru though, they didn’t win this one but they ended up with seven of the total number of lots available. The auction raised a … [Read more...]

Blue Bottle: The J. Peterman Of Flavor Descriptors?

Picture 3

In 2008, a conversation began on the message boards about coffee flavor descriptors. It all started with green Jolly Ranchers. One of the most enlightening contributions comes from Jimmy Oneshuk from Saskatoon: When you think of it, using non-traditional terms can be a great way to make tasting more culturally accessible (and be … [Read more...]

Meet The Producer: Local Yokel Grows Coffee In Rural Western Washington

A Yokel With A Vision

From Kona to Kitsap County, from El Salvador to Silverdale. God only knows what this guy needs a 10,000 square-foot greenhouse for... You can purchase these Kitsap coffee plants at “Nobody grows coffee beans in Kitsap, so I get the privilege of naming a new coffee bean,” he said. Noster has already sold and given away many … [Read more...]

High-Concept PortaBeverage Maximizer: The Cup Of Tomorrow…Today!

WIFI Onboard

Sprudge is late in reporting on the Starbucks sponsored "Betacup Challenge" program. It's in full swing now and the winners will be announced sometime after June 15th. The Betacup Challenge is purposely open-ended: design a coffee cup that addresses the problem of disposable coffee cups, and upload the concept to the Web. As a result, some of the … [Read more...]