Flashback: High Cholesterol? Try The Hario V60 Diet


Our November, 1989 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine must have been stolen by the mailman. Otherwise, we would have long ago called to your attention this article on the differences between serum cholesterol content in boiled vs. filter (espresso, moka pot, french press vs. pour over, Chemex, Aeropress, vac pot). Their findings? In … [Read more...]

Bucharest and Relaxation: Romania Barista Championship 2010 Happening Right Now

Hard Rock Cafe, Bucharest

According to sources at the WBC, the Romanian Barista Championship is going on right now (April 29-30) at the Bucharest Hard Rock Cafe. Not much is known about this event, and desperate google searches have unearthed some lovely late-90s style web sites, but no dice. We've contacted Sherif Abdala of the RBC and we'll have updates for you as soon as … [Read more...]

Jim Seven’s Mojo Dojo


The Extract MojoToGo was the undeniable darling of SCAA 2010. Vince Fedele's universal refractometer app is attracting attention and accolades everywhere it goes, including being named the Specialty Coffee Association of America's Best New Product in the Education and Training for 2010. We recently featured MojoToGo in some of our event recap, but … [Read more...]

UPDATE Coffee Schmuck Of The Week: The De-Iceman Cometh


We previously brought Michael Tangney to your attention last January, when we featured his outrageous story of oedipal vengeance and auto fluid malfeasance. His mug shot alone qualifies him as one of our very favorite all-time coffee schmucks of all-time. There's been an update in his case status, and we feel he's more than schmucky enough to … [Read more...]

Sprudge.com Hero Of The Moment: Police Brewtality At Bay Area Starbucks


Bold police work, extra bold blend. From the San Francisco Chronicle: Daly City police Sgt. David Mackriss, who was on duty and in plainclothes, had just gotten a cup of joe from a Starbucks and was planning on driving back to the station in his unmarked Chevrolet Malibu at about 10:15 a.m. Wednesday. That's when he spotted a Chevrolet Tahoe speed … [Read more...]

La Marzocco’s Modern Life: The iPhone App


Espresso machine manufacturer La Marzocco has just released their own iPhone/iPad application. As far as coffee apps go, this one really makes me want to move out of my mom's basement; it features the current line of LM machines with specs, photos, and distributor information, along with La Marzocco blog posts, tweets and event information. With … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Gorilla Back In Business Says NYT


It's been two weeks since the all-staff walk out at Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn, New York. The NYT is now reporting that the Brooklyn cafe / beard-and-baby gathering space is officially back in business. For Gorilla, which has become a Park Slope fixture, it was not the usual scene — every table full, a line out the door, a frenzy of grinding and … [Read more...]

Schlock of the Week: Kopi Luw-ACCKK!!!

cute overload

Kopi Luwak: Sprudge.com Says It's Gimmicky Garbage Oliver Strand of the New York Times has been doing a terrific job reporting on coffee in recent months. Which is why a number of folks on Twitter were confused and dismayed when this showed up on their RSS reader via the NYT Topics - Coffee blog: Animal Scent: Today in the New York Times, … [Read more...]