Schlock Of The Week: A Sleeve Engorged

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Terrifying. Impractical. Overtly sexual. These are just a few of the descriptors this video conjured up in the minds of your editors. And yet...we can't stop watching. Soon all products will ebb and flow, engorge and go flacid, deflate and stiffen with all the whooshing thunder of a priapitic lunar tide cycle. Until then, there is only … [Read more...]

Andy Rooney Guest Blogs Over At Aldo Coffee: “It’s Time To Get Over Ourselves”


Pittsburgh is a land of old people; Rich Westerfield knows this, and that's why he's delivered a guest spot on his blog from Mr. Andy Rooney, "60 Minutes" advocate for our griping American elderly. Journalism's premier curmudgeon takes a break from his busy schedule of napping, drinking prune juice, and complaining on national television for 3 … [Read more...]

Say Mr. Tully Man, Tully’s Top Banana: “Retirement Come And Me Want To Go Home”


Tully's CEO and Founder, Tom O'Keefe, has announced his impending retirement from the mid-major macro roaster he began in 1993. Tom O'Keefe says he's retiring June 30 as chairman of Tully's. He made the announcement Friday at a shareholders meeting in Seattle. A company statement says a successor will be selected over the next 90 days by Tully's … [Read more...]

DoubleShot Coffee Company: “The siphon and the Clover both suck. The Aeropress blows.”


You'd think I could dream about Venus or the Olsen twins or something. But I woke up two nights ago at 2a, having dreamt about the aeropress. I thought I had come up with a new way to brew coffee with it. I almost instantaneously went back to sleep and spent the next four hours dreaming about why that method wouldn't work, why I thought of … [Read more...]

Who Needs Tulips? Put Your Company’s Logo On That Latte With A Caramel-Ink Jet Printer!


Ugh. Traditional beverage art, pouring milk into coffee to create designs, has never been about advertising, or capable of advertising, for that matter, as the most common designs are hearts and flowers. Pikalo’s printer prints hearts, flowers, faces, pictures, and even company logos. When people see a design from Pikalo’s printer, they, “have … [Read more...]

Ellen DeGeneres Talks Trenta: “It’s hard to put a price on never having to blink again”


Guest Blogger Bonnie Green, Stay At Home Barista My favorite part of the day is warming up a South Beach Diet Pop Tart and brewing a pot of my favorite decaf roast. That's because I know I have exactly one hour of giggles and gasps with my favorite daytime talk-show diva. I was always a Rosie girl but I'm starting to turn around. Rosie may have … [Read more...]

Keeping Up With the Mother Joneses: A Fair Trade Affair 4 U…


Our friend Kyle Freund at Coffee Kids revives some of the still-on-going debate over Fair Trade. As coffee companies develop more sustainable models of trading coffee fairly, the Johnny-Don't-Know Nothin's and Melissa Allison's of the world will continue to pen well-read "Only Fair Trade Is Fair" articles for mainstream media outlets. The results … [Read more...]

Your 2010 Northeast Regional Barista Champion: Danielle Glasky, Stumptown Coffee NYC


Your 2010 NERBC Winners Are: 1st Place: Danielle Glasky, Stumptown Coffee Roasters - New York, NY 2nd Place: Nik Krankl, Taste Coffee House - Newtonville, MA 3rd place: Jordan Barber, Cafe Grumpy - New York, NY And a sincere congratulations to all the competitors in this year's Northeast Regional Barista Competition. Your 2010 … [Read more...]

Carl’s Corner: The Smokeless Coffee Cigarette


Well folks, it looks like a Harvard University professor finally got up off his doughy leftist butt and invented something I can really get behind. It's a puff of caffeine delivered right down my gullet, no fuss, no muss. It's like a cigarette...and let me tell you about cigarettes, boy, I've been smoking a pack and a half of Kools everyday for 20 … [Read more...]