A Killer Shot: California’s 2nd Amendment Blend


California handgun enthusiasts and political "independents" aren't shy about their love of weaponry. Case in point: a recent trend that finds deterrence-minded marksmen and women making a splash by displaying their Glocks at Bear Republic coffee shops. So far they've focused on major chains: Peet's Coffee and Tea, who've banned weapons in their … [Read more...]

Western Regional Barista Competition 2010: Intelliboys on the Sunset Strip


The Western Regional Barista Championship starts tomorrow, in the sunny, smoggy playground that is Los Angeles, California. Here's your list of competitors and their scheduled competition times, and while you're reading, please enjoy this video clip of Randy Newman's "I Love LA": DAY 1 Ryan "Big Guns" Wilbur (Intelligentsia): 11:15 AM Dallas … [Read more...]

Triumph Of The Swill: Burger King To Sell SBC, Folgers Puckers Smuckers, She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Green Mountain When She Comes


The Whopper of Coffee Hey hey, ho ho, BK Joe Has Got To Go: SBC to be sold at Whopper Warehouse by Autumn 2010 High U.S. unemployment has dented breakfast sales at fast-food chains since fewer people are driving past the restaurants on their way to work. Reuters - Burger King to sell Starbucks' Seattle's Best Brew Smuckers Shucks To … [Read more...]

CEO Say, Can You See? Tully’s Mucky-Mucks Get Massive Raises While America Suffers Dreadful Recession


Feeling a pinch in your pocket? Tipping your barista less and less each day? Wondering where your expendable income has gone? Then you must NOT be Tom O'Keefe or Carl Pennington Jr. These twin towering paragons of the Tully's empire received enormous bonuses and raises this fiscal year. Carl Pennington Sr., was paid $488,328 during 2009. That's 32 … [Read more...]

This Nose Knows If What Grows Blows


An artificial robot nose that can schnozz out inferior lots from superior plots? A million dollar nostril that knows a French Roast from a Full City? Read all about it here, courtesy of Engadget.com: Artificial schnozzes have been sniffing foreign objects for years now, but rarely are they engineered to sniff out specific things. A team of … [Read more...]

Rosettas For Relief Seattle: “Haitian Donation Trans-Nation Sensation”


Rosettas for Relief, a non-profit donation drive spanning 10 cities across America, landed in Seattle over the weekend to raise money for relief organizations operating in Haiti. The events saw generous donations of cash, goods, time and care from the following local companies: Stumptown, Kuma Coffee, Espresso Parts, Neptune, Sunshine Dairy … [Read more...]

Pour Over and Over and Over: Coming to 11,000 Starbucks Near You


On March 9th, Starbucks is dramatically changing the way they serve traditional brewed coffee in every company owned and licensed concept store in North America. During the afternoons, Starbucks baristas will shut down their automatic drip coffee makers brew decaf  and bold coffees on demand, utilizing new manual pour-over bars. It's a move that … [Read more...]

Geekfest: UK & US Southeast Barista Comps Streaming Live!


The "United Kingdom Barista Competition South East" and the "United States Southeast Regional Barista Competition" are streaming live AT THE SAME TIME! The UK Barista Competition South East "Heat" is taking place this weekend and streaming live via James Hoffmann's MacBook. Kudos, James! The US Southeast Regional Barista Competition is … [Read more...]

Oliver Stranded: BUNN’s Trifecta Lost in Space


BUNN's has an answer to the Starbucks' Clover system, now available for testing at Cafe Grumpy. It looks like if this... had a baby with this... The overall aesthetic? "Accidental Retro". And what about the fruit pressed from its soulless steel loins? Not even Oliver Strand was prepared to comment on it. Visit Cafe Grumpy and decide for … [Read more...]

Emilio Lavazza, Italian Coffee Tycoon, Dead At 78


The Honorary President and Chairman of Italian coffee giant Lavazza passed away yesterday. Emilio Lavazza joins the likes of Ernesto Illy and Alfred Peet in that big coffee shop in the sky. From the BBC: A very private man, Mr Lavazza gave only one interview during his time at the helm - to an Italian newspaper some 15 years ago - the spokesperson … [Read more...]

The Desert Deserted: SWRBC 2010 Has Been Canceled


Sprudge.com guest blogger Carl Mundy (Waterbed Warehouse, Twin Falls, ID): Well, heck. Someone's gone and humped the pooch on the sponsorships for this year's SWRBC. Boy, let me tell you, I'm madder than a turkey on the tweak, seein' as how me an Annabelle were all set to skip church and truck on down the back ridge of the Rocky Mountains to … [Read more...]